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Water consumption is fast becoming a looming environmental issue that affects not only our industry, but the global manufacturing sector as well. Therefore, the public and the government are pressuring us to do better with the water we are using. Developing a ‘Sustainable Water Management Program’ is the new fad in our industry.

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Water is quintessential throughout the process of papermaking. From the beginning of the process, water is used with the washing and transportation of the pulp, as well as with dilution. It is then used for cleaning and cooling of the equipment. Understanding that we all need to do something about this and have a crucial role to play, Paprima Industries decided to look at what we could offer for the cleaning process on paper machines.

World leader in state-of-the-art high pressure water jet technology

The engineering and design of the Power-Jet™ Cleaner was done for ease of maintenance, containment of the cleaning area and optimal removal of water and contaminants with linear jets.

It’s what makes us different!

In early 2010, Paprima’s team looked at what was available on the market for high-pressure cleaner options, while gathering comments from mills considered as industry leaders.

We soon realized that there were huge gaps in the performance of those high-pressure cleaners and that most of them failed at one point or another. We started our R&D program to transform the cleaning of fabrics.

Each step of the cleaning process was scrutinized, including the angle of the jet  (to get the most efficient cleaning method), and the evacuation of contaminants. This was the inception of the Power-Jet™ Cleaner!

The first noticeable characteristic is the head. A square head makes an awkward transition to round piping or a flexible hose. It also has corners, creating areas where contaminants can accumulate. For these reasons, we have aptly engineered a round head. The next characteristic to consider was our curtain of air, which controls and contains the contaminants. This air curtain isn’t influenced by the gap between the head and the fabric as a blade would be. Additionally, it creates the initial lift for the contaminants and the evacuation of excessive water. Ultimately, we can’t gloss over our ejector. Located within the cleaning head, the ejector actually creates a vortex in the evacuation tube, making its self-cleaning attribute a sought upon characteristic for both maintenance and operations. This fantastic technology is used for wet-end cleaning of fabric as well as dryer felts. However, for dryer cleaning, we added another innovation… What happens with the air being evacuated? Usually nothing, and it ends up being very expensive in the long run. Moreover, it takes up most of the space inside the piping and makes it prone to plugging. Our innovative solution? Simply adding cyclones to our process, which evacuate the air directly inside the dryer hood and leaving only contaminated water to be removed through a small, flexible hose.

In this close-up view of the Power-JetTM cleaner head, we can see the tornado effect that is created and the initial lift it generates.
Paprima Power-Jet™ Cleaner
in operation on dry-end fabric.

The result?

A near-perfect cleaning of the fabric, exceeding papermakers’ expectations. This unique process juxtaposes the benefit of cleanliness with a significant reduction in sheet breaks, lower energy consumption, reduced misting, and huge freshwater savings. In fact, one of our clients  in the southern US broke production records with their Paprima-supplied Power-Jet™ Cleaner in operation!

Existing customers have also reported:

  • a significant reduction or complete elimination of chemicals required for the cleaning process;
  • no adverse effects on fabric life;
  • a sustained fabric permeability of 80% or more;
  • no wet streaks left from the cleaning process.

For tissue machines, this technology can be used for wire and press fabrics with the same results as indicated above. In those applications, a single cleaning head will deliver water up to 2,500PSI, through 20 linear jet nozzles without any mist. Paprima’s Power-Jet™ system is a direct replacement of the existing oscillating high pressure showers (even accounting for their mist elimination system). The typical return on investment of a complete system usually lies within 3 to 6 months.

It all makes sense!

Paprima has been at the center of high-pressure development for the paper industry since 1986, leading the industry in water-jet turn-up and on-machine trimming systems. It was only logical for us to move into high-pressure cleaning systems, even if their operating pressures are only a fraction of our traditional cutting equipment.


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