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Consumers and businesses are increasingly demanding products that meet the needs of the environment, while still fulfilling their primary purpose. In the converting industry, trends show on the one hand a gradual shift from plastic to paper together with a need to optimize and increase resource efficiency.

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Water-based adhesives, although unnoticed, play an essential role in the converting industry, intervening from the core (tube winding) to the final closure (tail sealing). The different formulations of the adhesives must be adapted to all production processes, allowing high working speeds to be achieved on many types of paper. Along with these technical solutions, widely validated by the market, at Paniker we also believe that we must make a difference.
For several years, our R&D Department has been working on the search for technical solutions that complement our wide range of adhesives for tissue and towel: at this point, sustainability is one of the main objectives that must be set in any innovation project.

Circular economy and sustainability as an everyday goal

It is increasingly important to keep the focus on caring for the environment and all actions, even the smallest, have an impact. At Paniker, we are working closely with our suppliers on the formulation of adhesives within the framework of the circular economy. Many of our new projects involve research and developments both in water-based and holt melts intended for the wrapping of the toilet and kitchen rolls with paper, instead of plastic film. Despite being a change already to be fully implemented within the industrial frame, we must be anticipating the future needs of the market. Also, by taking other steps, Paniker is committed to reduce the carbon footprint and unnecessary transport of the used IBC/GRG. Our own new cleaning facilities allows us to recover and reuse the provided IBC. With this action, we are able to reduce and re-use many medium containers that otherwise will have to be transported, recovered and transported again.

Paniker facilities for IBC/GRG cleaning.

Operational efficiency and sustainability

The concept of sustainability includes actions such as meeting our present needs without compromising the resources of future generations. For Paniker, this means thinking about more efficient production processes: the adhesives in the Paniker tissue range allow a great dilution capacity. This supposes a more optimized consumption, given that a lower grammage of applied adhesive is required, which generates a smaller carbon footprint.

Green goals and achievements within the adhesives range

Paniker’s wide range of tissue adhesives has several distinguishing characteristics: it has a high percentage of bio-based raw materials (80-95%), and is almost 100% redispersible. The re-dispersion of the adhesive implies that it does not interfere with the paper recycling process, a very important feature that adds value to the product and is compatible with a more sustainable vision of the converting industry.

Moreover, our adhesives are formulated without plasticizers and free of mineral oils (MOSH/MOAH), allowing operation at high speeds on machines (+650 m/min).

Leaders in liquid and solid adhesives. Company founded in 1922

Paniker’s one of the R + D + I laboratory.

Paniker: 100th years of experience as adhesive manufacturer

Tissuecol range of adhesives: for lamination, pick-up and tail seal applications
Tissuecol range of adhesives:
for lamination, pick-up and tail seal applications.

On 3rd of February 2022, the Barcelona-based company dedicated to adhesives reached the magic milestone of 100 years old. Starting its journey providing adhesives and products for the leather and footwear industry, Paniker has managed to develop a wide portfolio of products with different technologies.
Over the years, Paniker has developed a wide range of adhesives for applications including lamination and tube winding which are adapted to meet the needs of the market and comply with FDA/BFR Regulations.
With a specific plant for the manufacture of the tissue range of adhesives, currently, Paniker is able to produce 15,000 tons/year only for this market.
The comprehensive range of adhesives for the converting industry has its best-sellers for each application: EUROPANOL 8550 for tube winding, TISSUECOL 904 for lamination, TISSUECOL 915 for pick-up and TISSUECOL 273 for the sealing of the roll. This range of adhesives are clean, versatile and above all: market proven. If you wish to know more about our company and our technical and sustainable solutions, please contact us:


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