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Consumers needs change constantly pushing the packaging business to a constant evolution and companies are forced to change their production approach in order to answer in the best manner to the market needs. Transformation of Mac Due is taking place in this exact contest of continuous renewal.

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Fiorenzo Donetti,
Mac Due’s Managing Director.

Mac Due has completed the transition from a family business to management company, maintaining the dynamic approach and strong innovation traditions that have characterized the company during its 40 years history. Today it is present in the market as a structured group, able to follow all the different customers’ needs all over the
world. The key part of this transition was the creation of on-site supports that guarantee a significant improvement both in sales and technical assistance.

Today Mac Due group is present in the United States, Poland and Spain. Currently, more than 7,500 equipments are installed worldwide. This important number is not only the result of a more modern corporate reorganization in-line with market needs. First of all, the result of the work of a highly specialized team of professionals carefully selected for their technical skills and human qualities. Our native speaking commercial technicians help us to ensure maximum result on communication between Mac Due and the final customer at every stage of the project.


The vision: being a model of performance and technological innovation in the packaging industry


Over the past 10 years, our key point has become to provide complete solutions, capable of managing every part of a packaging line. The keyword is “growth”, in the distribution of products and in responding the customer needs. That is why we are able to supply complete solutions, including flexible and high-performance case packers and palletizers island. The product processing in our lines take into consideration all the steps, with particular attention to the handling and final quality result.


Bundler machine for diapers.


The expansion of our company is not only geographical. The innovative drive has guided Mac Due in almost forty years of activity and it is far from the end. We are currently expanding the business of interest, developing new solutions for products such as diapers, facial tissue and interfolded.
It wouldn’t happen without continuous innovation. It is a well-known tendency, when players in the packaging world are easily losing dynamism concentrating efforts only on sales.

A distinctive feature of Mac Due is the continuous research for finding most effective technological solutions, created from the collaboration between various business units. This can be seen from the commitment to apply new control tools and automation into the machines, as well as in the constant improvement of their strength and durability. In this sense, we are concentrating our efforts on the implementation of IoT systems capable of simplifying the management of the lines, monitoring of performance and scheduled maintenance. At the same time, the ability to monitor the operation of the machinery and real time inspection without concern of production and safety risks. Therefore, we are implementing intuitive vision systems that will facilitate even more the use of the lines. We are constantly working to optimize Mac Due machines, making them easier to use and in-line with customer needs. A very important step was the creation of Mac Due Kit, a reality dedicated to management stand-alone machines that we call “standard”. Collaborations in different areas of the world have allowed Mac Due Impianti to make the distribution of customized products increasingly widespread.

In the company transformation, we have included the expansion of communication activities and skills sharing. Our presence on strategic channels such as LinkedIn has been increased, creating communities of packaging specialists and regularly organizing Open House events. For your information, the particular situation caused by Coronavirus prevents us from having guests, therefore the 2020 edition will be available on our Vimeo channel.
In a constantly evolving business environment such as packaging, Mac Due moves quickly to anticipate market needs and respond with a modern organization that focuses on innovation and constant assistance.


Customized Palletizer Island for AFH and consumer rolls.



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