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“We work day by day to achieve our goals with passion for this industry through ECO and LOGIC solutions for the paper industry that put the special needs of our customers at the centre”. With this clear mission, the OVERMADE team launched two new products for the end-of-line of paper machines: the OVER WINDER 3500 and the OVER WINDER 3500T. The two types of rewinders, born out of a dogged search for ECO and LOGIC solutions in which innovation is firmly based on experience, have already been successfully and satisfactorily launched at OVERMADE customers. Developed from the already well-known OVER WINDER 2500 and OVER WINDER 2500T series, the new rewinders serve the flat and crepe paper markets respectively.

ECO and LOGIC solutions for paper and tissue

The new OVER WINDER 3500 is aimed at drastically reducing cycle times and at the same time eliminating operator intervention in the machine. The supply to the customer included the insertion of a semi-automatic mother reel transfer system from the pope to the oscillating unwinding unit and it is equipped with both the regenerative brake and a dual braking system capable of drastically reducing the metres of paper lost in the event of a paper break. At the same time, an automatic floor-mounted opening system connected to a sheet pulper allows the immediate removal of the paper break, freeing up the area for the immediate passage of paper. This also drastically reduces possible line cleaning times. The solidity of the OVER rewinder structure has been coupled with the latest generation of low-friction movements to allow total fluidity of movements; a new system of core chucks and rider roll loading further increases the fine control of reel density, shortening acceleration and deceleration. The cutting unit includes the possible implementation of an automatic positioning system. The rewinder is also equipped with the ‘fully automated’ package consisting of: automatic paper threading system, automatic core gluing system, automatic core insertion system, automatic end-flap gluing system, – cross cutting system and start of new cycle in automatic, automatic separated reel unloading system designed to make the rewinder immediately available once a winding cycle has been completed. In addition to a drastic reduction in cycle times, the new installation has significantly increased the level of safety by limiting human intervention inside the machine to a minimum during all phases.

The new OVER WINDER 3500T for tissue paper has also already been delivered and started up at OVERMADE customers. These installations all feature a three unwind system with multiple belt reel handling systems to minimise specific pressure on the parent reel. One of the three unwinds has the option of being equipped with the “swing unwind” system used for the production of high smooth MG paper. The paper stabilisers in the unwind area has been integrated with the “on machine de-dusting” system connected to the wet dust removal system supplied in the package. All newly delivered installations of the OVER 3500T also include the new calender generation, which uses a variable cylinder roller capable of operating at very low specific load values thanks to an innovative hydraulic control system. The system, already installed in previous generations of tissue calenders, has been completely revised to cover the most sophisticated softness-bulk-smoothness requirements of tissue paper.



OVERMADE is passion behind paper

The structure of the OVER rewinder has been completely revised to accommodate the latest generation of movements. In addition, a new system of core chucks for expandable rods and an optimised layout of the rider roll movement further increases the fine control of the low densities required. The new OVER 3500 T also features: automatic core extraction and insertion system, transversal cutting system and automatic start of new cycle, reel unloading system designed to make the rewinder immediately available once a winding cycle has been completed.

To complete the line an integrated dust removal system has been provided.


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