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Four years have already passed from that sunny Autumn of 2015 when, through an operation of Management Buyout, OVERMADE (a company founded by ex-Managers of OVER Meccanica), acquired the exclusive property of all OVER MECCANICA’s tangible assets, covering brand, know-how, references, drawings, patents, stocks, machineries and equipment as well as the right to use the original facilities based in Verona. With a background of more than 400 plants installed around the world by the previous entity since the early 60s, OVERMADE makes the most of the wealth of knowledge and first-class expertise that has been inherited and that is rooted in a past of pioneering technology. Focused on customer needs and strongly oriented to process streamlining and problem solving in all paper production related issues, OVERMADE constantly looks to ECO and LOGIC solutions to develop and carry through its projects. The continuous researches of performance and improvements above the solidly rooted technology, together with a continuous pursuit of quality, permitted to fully satisfy customers and achieve a fast expansion. Great successes have already been achieved in these four years: in the paper & board machines market, OVERMADE already supplied complete paper machine sections within paper machine major rebuilds or supplied technological parts in new paper machine installation; in the tissue machines market OVERMADE was already capable to supply, within a good number of rebuilding, complete machines including winders and applying upgraded solutions to the installations.

OVER is universally acknowledged as a leader in the manufacture of tissue making machines

Overmade Crescent former tissue machine supplied in South America.

“We concentrated our R&D efforts in all tissue machine sections”, is underlining Marocchio Stefano, President and CEO of OVERMADE. “From forming to press, from drying to winding section. OVERMADE keeps innovating its machines to acquire the most eco-logical and eco-nomical results in terms of fiber consumption and power saving but also to keep up to the sustainable trend overrunning our market. We are going towards a green path in order to provide a faster yet better production stock to our clients, but the high quality still remains.”

OVERMADE received an enthusiastic reaction to proposed solutions especially in the forming section. The Dynaflow headbox and the OVER Former CR were rapidly considered a reference point in the market on account of the outstanding quality, softness and properties of the paper produced on them. In the last installations the company was able to improve those quality and achieve, through the improved formation of the web and other two important targets: higher consistency forming and lower softwood fiber consumption. Higher consistency forming permits to use less energy in the fan pump area and consequently a lower specific energy consumption to produce each ton of paper. The lower softwood fiber needs in the paper allow to save the cost of fiber. Customers that are operating machines from different suppliers experienced that, to produce the same type of tissue, on OVERMADE Crescent former they were consuming less softwood fiber (softwood fiber consumption saving in the range of 15% has been reported).

We engineer, design and manufacture complete paper machines, complete tissue machine and winders

Overmade headbox installed on a CR C22 Crescent former machine.
The reel of the CRC20 Tissue machine.

The results have been obtained optimizing the microturbulence created in the Dynaflow headbox turbulence generator and improving the jet landing in the Crescent former section with a “cleaner free jet landing” on the wire/felt dewatering edge. “We do not throw fibers in the machine, we comb them”. Over the years, OVERMADE has expanded its geographical markets by serving customers from north America, South America, Europe, the Middle East to Asia (Indonesia and China) with high quality services, customized supplies with sustainable solutions and complex systems to the tissue paper industry.
The current number of repeat orders from the customers shows how satisfied they are with product but also competence and expertise.


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