Optimizing resources, protecting the environment and maintaining competitiveness

These are the three key rules and philosophy that guide the work of OMC Collareda.

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OMC Collareda Srl was founded in 1974 in Schio, in the north-east of Italy, where a generation of brave captains, with a unique entrepreneurial spirit and the ability to put themselves at risk to jump headlong into the idea they believed in, began to sprout. At that time it was called F.lli Collareda, and it was a small mechanical workshop of carpentry construction for industry in general producing tanks, vats, pipes and their installation at the customer’s site.

In 1981, understanding the needs of the paper industry to recover the process water for their reuse, and the recovery of raw materials contained in them, it began the adventure of designing and building equipment suitable for these goals, with the development and construction of the first “self-cleaning” sand filter, currently still in production. In those years some changes in the company name took place, which led F.lli Collareda Sdf to become OMC Collareda Srl and, with the aim of creating its own products, resources were dedicated to the development and design of other technologies for the paper industry, not only for water treatment and recovery of raw materials, but also for auxiliary equipment to be installed within stock preparation.


Development in USA and central-south America

The turning point of the company came in 2016, when Bruno Collareda, one of the founding partners and the entrepreneurial mind of the company, decided to liquidate the other partner, because of incompatibilities that in the long run would have led to the destruction of the company.This choice was not painless, especially at a personal and moral level, but it was necessary and fully supported by his son and daughter, who had already been in the company for many years, and by the employees and collaborators.

A considerable economic commitment, rewarded by a new company organization, a more serene and livable working environment, a more collaborative and efficient team working method with confidence in its employees and, last but not least, a further growth of the company, which in two years has seen an increase in the technical and production staff of about 10 new elements. This continuous evolution of the company has always brought important new contracts in the United States and in Central and South America, as the recent acquisition of a new order for a complete water treatment plant, worth about € 6,000,000 from a new Mexican customer.


Sedimentator Biological plant Paper Mill Mexico


Quality and efficiency of production and processes

Currently the fields of activity are design, production, assembly and start-up of plants for water treatment from industrial and civil processes, biological plants, primary water treatment, sludge dewatering as well as plants for stock preparation for the paper industry, for any type of paper, and complete deinking plants. OMC Collareda can say that it is able to satisfy any customer requirement at 360 degrees: from closing the internal water circuit at paper mills, applying flotation and filtration systems suitable for primary water recovery, to the treatment of waste water through biological Anaerobic and Aerobic plants, with the recovery and reuse of the water treated through filtration, Ultrafiltration and Reverse Osmosis.

Experience and structure allow OMC Collareda not only to build customized equipment, but also to develop any engineering project in specific sectors, to built turnkey installations anywhere and to carry out studies to improve existing water cycles, with a special attention for all engineering and design services. A specialized technical department constantly applied to the research and development of new projects to be able to keep up with the times, which is essential nowadays to be competitive and to be able to constantly update the proposed technologies. OMC Collareda was one of the first companies, back in 1995, to obtain the UNI EN ISO 9001 quality certificate, a guarantee of quality and efficiency of production and management processes.

Reverse osmosis plant paper mill Mexico.


OMC brand is well known all over the world

A wide range of products and technologies that many have tried to imitate: what makes the difference, however, is the ability to be a partner for customers and not just mere suppliers.
This is precisely the company’s strength: to meet customers in person, with an accurate technical file, with detailed plans of the plants and a preparation that comes from the long experience in the field. OMC Collareda evaluates case by case proposing the most suitable and customized solutions in compliance with the regulations and the customer needs: recovery of raw materials, water recovery and energy saving. Not only being able to offer its technology in the world but also to praise its total component Made in Italy is now one of the greatest satisfactions of the company. In fact, the whole know-how is Italian: design, study, ideas, insights, are part of the culture of which the company is proud. However, the company vision does not stop within the Italian borders, the OMC brand is wellknown all over the world: it is difficult to say in which countries there is not at least one plant of the company. OMC Collareda does not forget sustainability and environmental protection.

OMC Collareda intends to focus on maintaining and improving its leading position in the supply of technologies for water treatment


Water is precious: an indispensable resource and source of existence. For forty-five years it has been the passion of the company, what it strongly believes in and therefore protects. The company is aware that the future will bring new challenges and will therefore continue to invest in the Italian territory but with a globalized view, with a constant commitment to the search for new technologies for a sustainable world and in the training of human resources.


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