The ASV Line is the automatic interfolding line specially developed by OMET for the production of interfolded towels, kitchen paper, facial tissue and toilet paper, which guarantees a flexible and efficient production process. Thanks to the latest technologies implemented on the ASV Line, the machine is fully automatic and automated and easy to use for the operator, with a simple and intuitive interface.

A particular of the folding process in the ASV Line.
A particular of the folding process in the ASV Line.

The ASV Line ensures a very fast reel change with consequent optimization of production time and reduction of waste. The innovative folding system uses a vacuum technology designed and patented by OMET that distributes the vacuum along the entire length of the suction rollers, making the maintenance of the folding rolls extremely simple.

The ASV is an innovative automatic interfolding line that combines extensive modularity, ease of use and high productivity

A refined study of the vacuum flow helps to make the machine even greener than the traditional lines, greatly reducing energy consumption.
In addition, the machine is equipped with energy-saving motors that allow the manufacturer to reduce consumption while ensuring high levels of quality and quantity of the product, requirements that have always been sought by the user.

Two versions of the ASV Line make this interfolding machine extremely modular and capable of responding specifically to different production needs: the ASV Line Storm and the ASV Line Tornado are distinguished by the different folding head and a wide range of finishing groups that allow to create a machine calibrated on real production needs.

OMET goes beyond the concept of simple supply of a machine: today the product is only one of the components of the company’s offer, thanks to a complete pre and post sales service, which makes use of the most advanced information technologies and augmented reality thanks to the new NOVA app and the interconnection of machines with a view to Industry 4.0, the digitization of the warehouse and the 24/24 assistance service.

“I see a lot of opportunity for folded products, especially inter-folded – commented Marco Calcagni, OMET’s Sales & Marketing Director – because now the final consumer is looking to save space in the home, reduce costs and make it easier to use tissue. Folded products in particular are helpful here, for example an interfolded kitchen towel which is easier for the end user to use. The cost on transportation is also much cheaper here.

OMET tissue converting machines: innovation with passion

So there are a lot of big opportunities to save energy, save cost and to also make it easier to use for the end user and make health and safety and hygiene a priority. One very important thing is that OMET – in this difficult time of Covid pandemic – is still growing and developing, and for this reason we will make some big announcements in the next few months. We have moved our printing division to a new 20,000 sq metre plant and also moved our tissue division to a much larger plant”.

Interfolded towels are a growing product in the market.