New complete handkerchiefs lines with efficiency and product quality at the top of the category

Tau Machines has always offered the maximum flexibility, performance, reliability and still continues to develop its machines with passion to maintain the lead in innovation.

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Product flow layout.v
Product flow layout.

Tau Machines has been serving tissue producers in the international market for over 25 years, supplying complete lines with innovative technical features that have paved the way for flexibility and ease of use in the tissue sector since the beginning of the millennium. Their main technical features were modular machine construction so customers can compose the machine to their requirements; this is achieved through a plug-in system which can be upgraded even after purchase, for example: one embossing unit; two embossing units; a softening unit; fully automatic paper unwinder and splicer; non-stop automatic film splicer and reel unwinder; system to vary the number of single sheets per packet from 7 to 15, on-the-fly through a computerized system; fast changeover system between “pocket” and “compact” packet formats.

Multiple packs bundle machine CS-80.

Our tradition of leadership in this technology along with our motto “there is no limit to doing better” has continued over the years and has led to the medium-sized machines supplied to our customers becoming the benchmark for ease of use, flexibility, reliability and performance. At the beginning of the 2020s, despite a difficult worldwide market situation due to Covid-related events, we introduced further important developments that have reinstated Tau Machines at the highest technological level in handkerchief production, with a special focus on sustainability. Our technology is oriented towards the highest possible energy consumption efficiency, which on average is up to 20-25% lower than that of our direct competitors. Our packaging can also use 100% recyclable paper and film, which has led to significant cost savings and a high degree of environmental friendliness.

For new line, Tau Machines has designed all the components across the entire line from scratch, including all the mechanical parts and all the electronic systems for motion control and production management.

Longitudinal folding unit.
Paper web embossing unit.

Machines designed for the needs of the customer, with an eye to the future

Some of their technical features are:

  • Full control over working parameters through HMI panels on the machine;
  • Production management from on the machine or in remote mode;
  • Scheduled maintenance management from the control panel on the machine;
  • Option of connecting to company ERP systems for production management;
  • Machine construction complies with EC regulations and Industry 4.0 rules;
  • Guaranteed production rate of 140,000 to 160,000 packets per shift;
  • 2/3/4 ply and 100% recyclable papers can be used;
  • Standard or 100% biodegradable packaging films can be used;
  • Extremely easy to use and maintain;
  • Use of packaging film with standard sizes and print layouts compatible with all machines currently on the market.

Further development was made in the packaging management and fast automatic change of the bundle size, by means of a product label management system, on the machine control panel or in remote mode.

Complete handkerchief line Model 2040.



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