So, as far as we talk about business, and life in general, we always have to be ready to foresee any change and, despite not being able to forecast them, at least our commitment is to try to be as reactive as possible. In order to face these new challenges, two ingredients are required: common sense and a good amount of flexibility. This is the attitude and the commitment we have in MTorres Tissue as we look, day by day, to future challenges. If you are not looking towards the future, your ability to respond to actual market needs are limited.
This is the kind of approach we have every time that we develop something new or that we try to improve our existing solutions.

By thinking and acting in this manner, MTorres Tissue developed the concept of our Multifunctional Embosser. Embossing, nowadays, has definitely become the heart of the converting line and has become the most expensive component in the line. Until a few years ago, the rewinder was objectively considered the “heart” of the line. Previously, the main subject was how fast you were able to go: meters per minute, logs per minute, rolls per minute, and so on.

Lamination unit view from motor side.

So, we were all concentrated on going fast and straight but maybe not stressing too much attention about the final destination. The fact of the matter is that the destination is not written in stone, but is continually changing.

Detail of carbon fiber chambered blade system.

So, while keeping an eye on maintaining a good cruise speed, the real commitment is to be capable of changing our route in the shortest time possible, with no accidents or sudden stops. The real challenge that we faced as we developed our Multifunctional Embosser, was not only to give a solution for the actual needs of the market, but even for the ones to come. We found the best way to do it was to concentrate our efforts into shaping the most flexible piece of equipment that we were capable of designing and building.

While we may not know our next destination, let’s make sure that we enter the correct GPS coordinates and drive safely.

The Multifunctional Embosser allows any kind of known embossing/laminating configuration and, by taking advantage of its multiple nips, even allows for new ones that will satisfy even future needs. On the other hand, as we developed the Multifunctional Embosser, we always paid a great attention to who was going to be the “driver”. Getting back to the comparison of the GPS system it would be meaningless to have an extremely flexible one that is incredibly difficult to set and manage. Yet another challenge we faced was developing a machine that offered both a wide range of configurations, while at the same time, simple to operate. Our commitment was in having, at the same time, extreme flexibility and simplicity, with no compromises. One should not affect the other.

Detail of integrated device for rollers handling

The proof that we managed to keep both in our Multifunctional Embosser is reflected in the evidence of the facts: any change over may be carried out with the highest level of automation and managed entirely by the operator of the line, without the need of maintenance personnel.

We have demonstrated that the line’s operator can easily change from nested to point-to-point (and vice versa) in less than 25 minutes. Again, no need of maintenance staff is required. No manual fine tuning (i.e. phasing) is required, as the adjustments are taken care of by the machine itself.

Our Multifunctional Embosser is equipped with an integrated crane that is capable of automatically replacing the steel rolls, as well as the cliché.

This facilitates roll width changes as well. Moreover, by utilizing the inline storage rack, it is possible to warehouse up to seven different steel rolls in one line, without affecting the overall length of the converting line.

Last but not least, if additional patterns are required, the replacement of the stored rolls can be done while the line remains in operation.

So, once again, world is changing, business is changing and we don’t know exactly in which directions. However, be assured, that Multifuntional Embosser will be ready to face any future challenge that the market will have in store!

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