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Microline is specialised in the manufacture of automatic end-of-line packaging machines. Thanks to its know-how in the tissue sector, over time it has created dedicated machines that fully satisfy the demands of this particular market.

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Given a continuously evolving industry that demands continual changes in packaging, dictated by marketing strategies, the range of product processing methods has been increased; provision has been made for even smaller minimum dimensions, without sacrificing the maximum dimensions, and in view of new demands, it is possible to create new configurations to meet new demands. In addition to versatility and high reliability, the lack of scraps during the packaging process increases energy savings.

Within the wide range of machines offered, an important place is occupied by the case packers (for paper rolls and folded products), which are divided into two different types: horizontal (side-loading) case packers (ROM) and vertical (top-loading) case packers (RVM). Basically, the machine picks up a blank for an ‘american style’ slotted case from a magazine, forms and fills it, and then seals the case closed with an adhesive tape or hot glue system. Case packers feature a 1-metre capacity case magazine that allows high autonomy and the magazine can be topped up/loaded without having to halt the production cycle. Of equal importance are the shrink-wrappers for paper rolls, conventional two-reel bundlers, and flow-wrap machines of the latest generation.


Shrink wrapper for tissue rolls AL80

machine designed for horizontal packaging of products and uses either polyolefin (POF) or polyethylene (LDPE or MDPE) film as the wrapping material. It can handle rolls in single, double or triple collations and wrap up to 210 rolls per minute in the 1×3 collation.

The machine creates completely sealed bags containing the desired product configurations. The subsequent heat shrinking allows the bag to perfectly fit the shape of the product inside. This type of packaging is especially well-suited to paper rolls for industrial (AFH) and medical use. The pack is closed on the top by overlapping the film edges; this is followed by ionisation and longitudinal sealing (contactless).

The packs are then conveyed to the transversal seal station, where they are separated. The roll completely wrapped with film is made to pass through the shrinking tunnel. Roll packs can be customised with (glueless) label insertion or pre-printed film. With this packaging process, film consumption is approximately 20-25% lower compared with other wrappers available on the market. The machine can also be equipped with an integrated centre folding unit, which enables the use of a centre-folded reel or a flat sheet reel.

Automatic bundler for paper rolls.
Horizontal case-packer for paper rolls.

FLOW WRAP 1000 and two-reel bundler ML1500

The conventional two-reel bundler (ML1500), on the other hand, is a machine suitable for packaging collated products. As a packaging material it uses heat-sealable, heat-shrinkable polyethylene film (LDPE). The shrink-wrapped bundle remains partially open at the sides and a sealed pack can be obtained by using extra film. Where required, the machine can introduce a label inside the bundle, to be applied with glue. The packaging process does not generate any scraps or rejects of wrapping material. The FLOW WRAP 1000 is likewise a machine suitable for horizontal packaging and wraps products with heat-sealable or heat-shrinkable polyethylene film (LDPE or MDPE).

Microline offers highly specialised, versatile turnkey systems for the Tissue Industry


This type of machine, which is completely controlled by a servo-motor system, creates perfectly sealed bags containing the desired product configurations. The rolls coming from the saw are oriented and conveyed inside the machine in multiple rows according to the desired collation. The selected rolls are subsequently inserted into the bag, which is then closed by cutting the film crosswise and folding the edges inside the package. This machine can pack up to 18 bags per minute, without the need for a shrink tunnel, in all configurations demanded by the market. When required, the machine can work with pre-printed film and an oven can be used to heat-shrink the bag.

The packaging process does not generate any scraps or rejects of wrapping material, which cuts out disposal costs. A meticulous selection of mechanical and electrical components, special care taken during the design phase, and an efficient after-sales service have today made Microline a partner of leading manufacturing companies in Italy and around the world.


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