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Founded seven years ago, Maxima is an innovative and vibrant Italian company specialized in research & development, manufacturing and customer care of equipment for the tissue industry.

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In prior years, Maxima has positioned a variety of converting lines in the market, both for consumer rolls and for AFH products. It has already been recognized by its customers as one of the best companies in the segment, due to the experience of its team, made of technicians and designers actively involved in this field for more than 30 years. Flexibility, quick change of products, tool-less change of steel rolls for the embosser and many other applications have served customers with efficient equipment for succeeding in the tissue business.

MAXIMA CEO Ilaria Daverio
MAXIMA CEO Ilaria Daverio

Maxima has been rebranded in 2020 and is now even stronger after being added to the Deverio Group, which provides a complete integration on the manufacturing side
(from design to machine tooling plant, to assembly, all this combined with a strong team of service engineers).

Ilaria Deverio, as CEO of the company, indicates that the technology of Maxima is aimed at ensuring finished goods of top quality, thus utilizing essential solutions, easy to operate and maintain. “This has been the main driver for the acquisition of the company: a strong team and technology that can be easily utilized by operators all over the world with a user-friendly platform”, states Deverio.

The latest solution developed by Maxima is the Prime Line, a complete consumer line, available for testing, capable of satisfying the most demanding customers both in terms of productivity, flexibility and cost-effectiveness. “Moreover, the Prime Line, with Bulktech technology, guarantees nearly perfect winding from start to finish, without loss of embossing and bulk, as requested by all customers manufacturing top products” – adds Deverio. Bulktech technology has been already tested on the field and, in case of low-density products, it has showed excellent results: working speeds increased more than 10% and top product quality in both, rewinding profile and embossing definition.

Ensure finished goods of top quality, utilizing solutions easy to operate and maintain

PRIME consumer line by MAXIMA.

Special attention has also been paid to the software by integrating Smartech, a software that makes the machine’s interface easier than ever: operators have just to insert the specifications of the finished product in the HMI and Smartech will evaluate its feasibility and its related optimized parameters for the transfer. Prime Line development has also focused on maximum versatility of changing embossing pattern: Maxima Multifunctional embosser manages automatically the replacement of the steel rollers (and cliché roller as well – in case different paper web widths, it generates better efficiency by reducing the down time of changing it) with its integrated crane. An in-line warehouse (available up to 6 different positions) allows the change of configuration from Deco to Nested (and vice versa) products without the utilization of tools and in matters of minutes. A dedicated and intuitive HMI is utilized to control the automatic crane and its robotics movements.
Moreover, on the same embosser it is possible to produce Point to Point products with minimum time required for changing configuration. For toilet paper product it is also possible to bond the plies by simply using water (instead of glue): not only that translates into less operational costs but also an increase in efficiency due to reduced maintenance and cleaning time.

Maxima serves customers with efficient equipment for succeeding in the tissue business

Independent motor approach for all line units.
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