MACOPAL: a history of passion

The approach of the Summer creates a natural connection with the Iberian Peninsula. The abundance of natural beauty, with beautiful mountain landscapes and sunny beaches, and cities rich in history and millenarian culture have made this country one of the main tourist destination in the world. This fabulous condition, without forgetting the almost 50 million of inhabitants, has made Spain and Portugal a very interesting market for the Tissue industry.

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The local industry shows a multifaceted panorama: first of all, we meet some historical brands, which contributed to the spread of tissue use among Spanish families in the first phase of tissue introduction in the market, and there is as usual the presence of subsidiaries of multinational companies.

Next to them, an interesting number of small and medium-size companies, which found their place in this dynamic market. Macopal SL is a typical example of these companies. Founded more than 25 years ago, it is a family business company, the result of the work and passion of the Gutierrez family. As often happens in these cases, it all started with very small structures and limited investments, but supported by will and enthusiasm. However, results arrived, thanks to the commitment of the whole second generation of the family. Today, the various functions (administration, commercial, technical and general management) are shared between the three brothers Andres, Carolina and Carlos. Nowadays Macopal continues in the tradition traced by the patriarch Andres, who decided to serve two different markets, the converting of aluminum and the converting of tissue.

The great tissue products storage of Macopal

The historic Macopal factory in Llica de Vall hosts the administration headquarters and the whole aluminum converting department. Every day tons of aluminum are transformed in products of domestic use (rolls, plates and trays, all for food use). In this factory, during the first years, part of the space was dedicated to the production of napkins.

Some examples of placemats produced
by Macopal

“When we decided to produce napkins, we bought a first machine made in Spain. We were obviously inexperienced and for some time we wondered if we had made the right choice”, explains Carlos Gutierrez. “But the market gave interesting signs, so that we decided to continue in this direction.” It was when the meeting with OMET took place. “I was at Graphispag exhibition in Barcelona in 1998. I saw OMET machine at the show and I was struck by the quality and the technical solutions. I have always been attracted by technology and I was sure it would do for us.
I was very young, but I talked to my father, and I convinced him in this direction. It was the beginning of a long story. Throughout the years, together with Alberto Redaelli (OMET sales manager) we discussed market trends every time, agreed the various configuration of new machines, and the new products that we could have added to our range”, adds Gutierrez.

The expertise of OMET in the tissue converting sector is the result of years of leadership in the tissue market

Some examples of the napkins produced by Macopal

Today Macopal has become a small, big company in the market, able to supply a very wide range of disposable products in paper, aluminum and plastic. In addition to serving market of Catalonia, it is present in many other regions of the Peninsula, serving up in Andalusia, Castilla and the islands. As far as tissue products are concerned, in addition to the classic 1-ply and 2-ply napkins for the “consumer” market, which are sold through local and national supermarket chains, Macopal developed its own brand dedicated to the “AFH” market (“Hosteleria”), serving the catering sector directly linked to the tourism industry.

Thinking about the last one, Macopal has recently introduced and developed a line of high-end placemats, with polychrome prints of high-resolution and quality subjects, representing the main tourist destinations of the country. This product is the direct result of the collaboration with OMET, which was able to provide a specific configuration for printing, cutting, counting and stacking of placemats.

OMET tissue converting machines are renowned all around the world

The experience and precision of Macopal did the rest, manufacturing products of the highest quality and visual impact. One of the most popular products on the market, the point-to-point napkin, has obvioulsy not been forgotten. Born as a substitute for the most expensive airlaid products for the Away-from-Home sector, it also found a rapid diffusion in the domestic market.
Also in this case Macopal added its experience, creating a line of products with high quality polychrome printing, to be added to the most conventional neutral products, however available in a wide range of colored tissue, both strong and pastel colors. The great machines park of Macopal, dedicated to tissue industry, has been positioned inside the second production site, located in Santa Eulalia de Roncana. The converting department is flanked by an impressive warehouse of finished products, which allows Macopal a rapid response and an efficient service to its customers, able to respond to the most varied requests.

Our family is very proud of what we have been able to build. With his teachings and in the memory of our father, who unfortunately has left us prematurely, we devote all our efforts to what has always been his and our passion” – Carlos Gutierrez.


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