Global digital commerce is constantly evolving. With the health emergency and travel restrictions, this sector has experienced a moment of growth. The tissue sector has also benefited from this important trend. Tissue producers saw significant growth last year to meet the demand for pandemic-related products and Covid-19 lockdowns shifted consumer shopping preferences to e-commerce. Toilet paper is one of the categories that have grown the most in the e-commerce sector: Visual Capitalist calculates an increase of around 190% between 2019 and 2020.
Another trend intersects with this trend: the growing importance of sustainability in customers’ purchasing decisions.

Francesco De Luca, General Manager Packaging Division Körber Business Area Tissue.Francesco De Luca, General Manager Packaging Division Körber Business Area Tissue.
Francesco De Luca, General Manager Packaging Division Körber Business Area Tissue.

Tomorrow’s solutions in today’s markets

Consumers are looking for eco-friendly products of excellent quality, with sustainable packaging. The entire sector has long been dealing with the environmental issues surrounding the production of tissue products, such as fiber supply and excessive consumption of water and electricity.
Finding innovative solutions that enable the sustainable production of tissue products could however jeopardize the quality of the product itself. Making a business thrive in such a complex environment and with challenges that require extraordinary interventions is not easy, so it is necessary to rely on a partner who welcomes these solutions as if they were their own.

Körber is the only truly integrated and global provider of advanced solutions to the papermaking industry, offering the industry’s most comprehensive range of tissue technology to support you throughout the supply chain, from roll to fold, converting to packaging, with the aim of shaping customer success.

Helping clients develop or grow their e-commerce business, through a modular and flexible solution that is easy to install and able to offer the desired degree of customization in a simple and fast way; this is the achievement of Casmatic Zephyrus, Körber’s new solution for sustainable packaging.
Francesco De Luca, General Manager Packaging Division Körber Business Area Tissue comments: “Complex market demands imply the need to always think outside the box. For this reason over the past few months Körber Business Area Tissue’s R&D in Bologna, which is specialized in the design of machines for the packaging of tissue products, has been working on a new machine that, for the first time in the tissue industry, uses Delta robots, a technology first used in the pharmaceutical field.
The introduction of this technology will allow our customers to develop and increase business related to e-commerce, in a personalized, simple and fast way”.

Casmatic Zephyrus is a flexible solution consisting of four modules that can be integrated into existing packaging lines: the first module constructs the boxes, the second receives the tissue product for packaging from the cutting-off machine, followed by the pick & place module that inserts the product into the boxes and finally the module that closes and glues them.

Shaping your success in tissue

Thanks to this modular design, installation and testing times are significantly reduced. The option of adding box construction and pick & place modules enables you to go from a production capacity of 45 boxes per minute up to 180. This innovative system allows you to handle different types of products, even with boxes of different formats; secondly it allows you to work in three different ways: full, bypass and mix. In the first it packs all the product made by the converting line, in the second it lets through all the product that is packaged by a traditional wrapper and the third is a mix of both. The customer can thus add a new product and expand their business, without giving up what they have always done.

Körber’s new solution allows you to enhance even the most environmentally sustainable aspects of packaging; the box can be made with recyclable cardboard and by improving stability during palletization it may not need secondary packaging. Furthermore, once opened, the box can be closed again, keeping the product uncontaminated and easy to store.

Körber Lucca - headquarter
Körber Lucca – headquarter