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Research & Development have always been the key variables for a company as Körber Business Area Tissue that aims to anticipate customer needs and be a pioneer in its sector.

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We know that the tissue market is constantly evolving, just like the needs of our customers, not only in line with demands of the final consumer but also because of global economy trends. The pandemic and the current conflict have significantly changed the dynamics and balances of the markets, forcing companies to evolve increasingly towards greater flexibility.
The challenge for our Research & Development in last years has been to offer customized processes and, at the same time, easy-to-use solutions that limit the need of expert or skilled operators. Our Sam Operation Solution systems are in line with this strategy. They are in fact designed to adapt continuously and independently to the entire manufacturing process, preventing production slowdowns as much as possible.

We offer the industry’s most comprehensive portfolio of tissue technology across the entire value chain


MTC ITF Change solutions inside the Ecosystem Körber
Example of Körber’s Ecosystem approach

These systems automatically monitor line performance and product quality, always ensuring maximum performance stability. The range of Sam solutions that Körber Business Area Tissue offers varies based on the customer’s needs. Their instalment in our machines, or even in those of third parties, results in significant energy savings and an important reduction in waste compared to lines managed by human operators. Respect and care for our planet are fundamental in Körber Business Area Tissue to create a better tomorrow for all of us aren’t only words. What we are aiming for in the near future, and for which we are evolving into the role of sole reference partner, is also to focus on the flexibility and sustainability of the machines already in the design phase. An example in this way it’s our Ecosystem Körber where the technologies involved – in the entire tissue converting process – are now integrated into a single solution, from raw paper to finished product, up to distribution logistics. In the Körber ecosystem all the machines making up the production line, from parent reel unwinding to palletization, including those developed by companies external to the Körber Group, are connected to each other and controlled by Sam Flow, a dedicated piece of software that continually monitors the process and is capable of self-adjusting the main production parameters to deliver the maximum production efficiency possible given the desired characteristics of the finished products. This “one-stop-shop” concept adopted by Körber Business Area Tissue aims to simplify the tissue converting and packaging practices, even from a commercial perspective, with a single contact point offering to the customers a wide range of benefits – from the best technology solution based on the specific market requirements, to full support in defining the optimal line layout by minimizing industrial footprint. The Körber ecosystem is strategically cohesive. The digital interconnectedness of the Körber business areas underpins the single source ecosystem, and helps target major industry pain points, including:

Sustainability: plastics reduction is among the top sustainability initiatives. Bioplastics and paper-based substrates are popular replacements for traditional plastic, but can cause equipment jams. Körber Casmatic Zephyrus allows for the use of 100% recyclable cardboard boxes instead of conventional plastic packaging – a sustainable alternative that also offers additional advantages in terms of product protection, conservation, storage, and palletization.

Ecommerce: tissue manufacturers are becoming more market diverse, led largely by the explosion of ecommerce. Adjusting production lines for multiple ecommerce packaging formats is simplified with the Körber ecosystem. The flexible and modular Casmatic Zephyrus constructs boxes, packs tissue products, and readies packaging for the shelf using Delta robots and advanced Körber technologies.

Labor shortfalls: the labor crisis is ongoing, and qualified skilled workers are at a premium. As such, tissue manufacturers need flexibility to accommodate a range of operator experience and skillsets. The automation and digitalization of production introduced by the Körber ecosystem alleviates many of the overarching concerns.

Supply chain management: the single source Körber ecosystem makes both production and project management easier for customers. It seamlessly replaces the cumbersome chain of multiple suppliers, which streamlines communication and logistics. In addition, the Körber ecosystem’s single contact point offers customers the best technology for specific market requirements, full support in optimizing line layout and minimizing industrial footprint, and improved management of production time and costs.

Overall equipment efficiency (OEE): an overarching goal of the Körber ecosystem is simplification. All the machines making up the production line, from parent reel unwinding to palletization, including those developed by companies external to the Körber Group, are connected to each other and controlled through Ecosystem Sam Flow or FactoryPal Boost – dedicated software that continually monitors the process and auto-regulates the main production parameters to deliver maximum efficiency for the desired finished product characteristics.

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