Körber Business Area Tissue presents an interfolded napkin that’s perfect for wrapping tacos

Thanks to MTC ITF omni taquera the MTC ITF line interfolded has a new solution with which it’s possible to create facial products, towels, folded toilet paper and the vacuum folded napkins on a single machine.

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The MTC ITF series interfolders make use of the most advanced electronic and mechanical technologies to always guarantee the quality of the finished product in every converting context, combined with high production capacity, reliability, and high efficiency.

Vacuum folded napkins.
Vacuum folded napkins.

These folding machines were conceived to be tailor-made for the customer, with high levels of customization. In fact, customers can choose the size of the final product as well as various other options such us for example the new solution: MTC ITF omni taquera. Körber Business Area Tissue’s latest innovation, in fact, enables to create the complete line of interfolded products (facial, towels, folded toilet paper, napkins), including napkins for wrapping tacos, with a single machine. Stefano Anelli, Körber Business Area Tissue Fold Sales Manager comments: “The South American market needed to have a napkin specifically designed for wrapping tacos. From this need and from the collaboration between the sales office, research & development, and specialized technicians, the MTC ITF omni taquera was born, an extremely versatile solution that can be installed on the MTC ITF omni lines that allows to produce all the interfolded products, including the napkins for tacos, with a single bending head”. Ideal for companies that work with diversified clientele, the taquera option can be integrated on all MTC ITF omni lines and offers a competitive advantage for all those companies looking for a flexible and versatile solution that’s capable of responding to changing market needs. This is, in fact, an unprecedented solution in the fold business that enables tissue manufacturers to capture new business opportunities, enter new markets or geographies or finally rapidly adapt to sudden requirement changes in existing industries. MTC ITF omni taquera combined with automatic packaging of napkins in a portable dispenser with serial extraction is a very contemporary solution because it allows to preserve the hygiene and safety of the finished product while avoiding contamination of the wipes.

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MTC ITF omni taquera is unique in its kind and it represents a significant breakthrough in terms of flexibility and capital expenditure control. Anelli concludes: “Thanks to MTC ITF omni taquera Körber Business Area Tissue confirms its role as a company that is attentive to offering its customers cutting-edge and innovative solutions. The know-how acquired over the years in the fold sector and the continuous desire to create highly performing products has allowed the company to develop a competitive product with high growth margins. The solution created for the South American market, in fact, can be used in different sectors with similar product needs”.

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