The celebrations will take place on May 17th, 2018. Customers and government officials are expected to join the celebrations.

Kemira’s experts, Dr. Vladimir Grigoriev and Dr. Marko Kolari, are analyzing a tissue sheet during a Yankee coating trial.

Strength technologies, including wet strength, are critical in manufacturing paper and board and the strength chemical market is growing. The market also demands for high performance differentiating technologies as well as compliance with stricter environmental regulations. Kemira has consistently been investing into the development of new strength technologies and into modern manufacturing sites, most recently in wet strength resin production at Äetsä, Finland (2015), in dry strength resin production at San Giorgio, Italy (2015) and last year at Estella (2017). “This anniversary marks an important milestone for Kemira – says Tommy Kankkunen, VP of Manufacturing. Thanks to a multi-million investment and dedicated efforts from R&D, this state of the art facility with a large production capacity now produces a highly efficient wet strength resin”.

Mrs Estibaliz Goena working on the very first wet strength batch.

Kemira’s investments in manufacturing are complemented by investments in R&D, resulting in a successful outcome for the new wet strength offering. “We are proud to announce first deliveries of high solids wet strength resin in response to the current market demand. And in anticipation of the upcoming E.U. regulatory restrictions, lowering the limit of adsorbable organic halides (AOX) in the effluent, a new low AOX FennoStrength resin was developed with first deliveries taking place already in June” – reports Vladimir Grigoriev, Sr. Manager, Applications & Marketing.

After recent developments, the Estella site now offers a complete portfolio of wet strength resins with dedicated lines also for the latest product generations geared towards the most stringent regulatory profiles. Moreover, high performance Yankee coating adhesives are also produced at the site.


Wet strength product offering with focus on high efficiency and reduced AOX levels.


We help customers improve their process efficiency, productivity and end-product quality


“A focus of the Estella site – adds Roberto Zulian, Director of Tissue Sales, is also directed towards the demands of the tissue industry, which include the needs for creping adhesives. The new R&D developments in this area and established manufacturing at Estella have addressed the tissue industry wishes for a complete Yankee coating portfolio with the most up-to-date regulatory profile. We are well positioned now to deliver our customers the strength aids and Yankee coating technologies they desire.”

“We are excited about the one year anniversary”, says Anibal Cermano, Site Manager. “This investment demonstrates a strong commitment to our customers and partners. We appreciate the support given by the local authorities in the surrounding communities and the Navarra Government”.

The upcoming celebration will be joined by Mr. Manu Ayerdi, Vice President for Economic Development, Mr. Juan Pablo Belzunegui, Environment Navarra, Mr. Asier Urra Ripa, Major of Villatuerta and Mr. Koldo Leoz Garciandia, Major of Estella and Directors from Kemira Finland, Spain, Italy and France.