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The path traced by OVERMADE with the aim of supplying systems and equipment with Zero Emissions Target is meeting the favor of the market, which is increasingly looking for highly technological solutions that allow to reduce fibers and energy consumption. The performance obtained in terms of “fiber saving” and “energy saving” in the three critical areas in paper manufacturing – forming, pressing and drying – have convinced more and more customers to rely on the knowledge of OVERMADE for the implementation of their projects. The latest developments of the new DYNAFLO-C headbox design, obtained improvement on the fiber’s distribution, permitted fiber saving and higher consistency operations with a consequent amazing reduction of the energy consumption in the approach flow area. These results have driven tissue manufacturers to select OVERMADE in their projects.

ECO and LOGIC solutions for paper and tissue

Recovery boiler by POWERMADE
Recovery boiler by POWERMADE

Between others the rebuilding of the forming area for Lucart with the installation of the new headbox has been a challenging project: to insert in the existing forming section the new headbox for a new production target at 1800 m/min, implementing the latest innovations of the most modern DYNAFLO C, in the small available spaces without upsetting the existing forming section. All the characteristics elements of the latest OVERMADE headboxes have been inserted: from the flexible lip to the taper header passing through the expansion/mixing chamber and, of course, the micro-turbulence multitube section DYNAFLO. Similar great results have been obtained at the beginning of 2022 in a new headbox 5600 mm pond width for 2000 mpm installed on an OVER C former. In the press section multiple solutions has been delivered: from single press to double presses integrated with recovered steam and exhausted air blades and integrated with mist removal system to improve the dry content and the CD profile of the paper at the entrance of the Yankee dryer. The projects have been developed involving POWERMADE.

“We are achieving one of our main targets – says Stefano Marocchio, President and Ceo of OVERMADE – that is to design and manufacture our machines from the headbox to the winder widening our products portfolio with all the energetic and aero-thermic systems involved in the tissue and paper production. Since we made customers tailored solutions our own strength and priority, the increased capability to serve them with one single platform, from one single supplier is bringing benefits to our customers following our motto: OVERMADE: MADE in Italy, MADE in OVER”. POWERMADE implemented energy saving and energy recovery projects managing and using all the available energy content of the hot air hood in north of Europe. Installing the Recovery Steam Generator System (RSG1) on existing tissue line where a rearranged hood air system and a steam plant integration permit to operate with the new steam recovery configuration. On top of that a further increase in energy recovery has been implemented with additional cycles of recovery for hall ventilation heating and for water heating.

We put at your disposal our know-how in all phases of your project

All above improvements have been finally applied in a new tissue line that OVERMADE is manufacturing for an important North American customer located in Mexico: the NICO ANGEL project is comprehensive of one complete tissue plant for the production 35,000 TPY of high-quality tissue at a speed of 2000 mpm. The customer, well appreciating the quality of the product manufactured by the OVER CR C20 tissue machines and the know-how on energy saving, has commissioned the entire line to OVERMADE including the approach flow system, the water and fiber recovery plant and all the auxiliaries such as Vacuum system, Steam system, High efficiency hood, Mist and Dust removal systems all integrated with the heat recovery steam generator. The heart of the tissue line is represented by the OVER CR C20, the OVERMADE tissue machine capable to produce the softest tissue. OVERMADE continue to be a reference for turn key projects being able to supply, from a single platform, integrated energy saving solutions to all the tissue and paper producers.

Headbox delivered to Lucart Group



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