Integration, tracking and digitalisation: welcome to the A.Celli “next level”

The A.Celli Group has been working in the paper and nonwovens market for 75 years, with solutions at the cutting edge of technology.

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The Group’s strategy has always been based on long-term relationships and partnerships, supported by unremitting R&D, with the aim of anticipating and responding to our customers’ needs, offering them the best results in terms of performance, innovation, quality and return on investment.

The A.Celli Paper products offering, consisting in advanced turn-key system solutions and the development and manufacture of the iDEAL® tissue machines, E-WIND® tissue, flat paper and cardboard rewinders, and R-WAY® roll handling and packaging systems, has undergone a major evolution with the advent of Industry 4.0, which has spurred us to reconsider our technology in the light of Digital Transformation and the improvement of Customer Experience.

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ACP Tissue Machine

The Extreme Automation division

As part of this evolution, we set up a new division in 2016, focused on innovative solutions for analysing and managing the data output by the machines. This new business unit, Extreme Automation, is a start-up composed of young graduates specialised in Big Data Analysis – Infrastructure IT – Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence. The creation of the Extreme Automation division was made possible thanks to our collaborations with associations of specialists, polytechnics and universities, as well as the physical location of the Group in an area renowned for its technical experience and know-how, especially in papermaking.

Extreme Automation projects have resulted in the implementation of Machine Learning technologies for predictive maintenance and the optimisation of the operational configuration of the machine, supplemented and integrated by thoroughgoing digitalisation and connectivity.
Another basic objective is to guarantee computer security, in terms of the availability, integrity and the complete non-disclosure of all data hosted in the Cloud, using a dual-layer infrastructure.

Our new SMART machines monitor, analyses, archives and processes data to offer optimal solutions for product quality, efficient production and reduced downtime, human errors and consumptions. Our predictive maintenance programs enable automatic, global plant management. Extreme Automation’s monitoring systems continuously monitor vibration, electrical and pneumatic consumption, alarms and machine status controls to ensure constant line supervision, while also assuring energy recovery and sustainability. With the development of Auto Defects Recognition programs, A.Celli Group offers the power of an automated defect classification system which leverages AI to identify and memorise even defects not envisaged in the database, thus constantly expanding the defects catalogue with the aim of automatically eliminating product non-conformities.


AC r-Way AGV.

The Smart Factory concept

Another example of A.Celli R&D is the development of the iREEL® solution, which can be compared to a sort of “data passport” for the reel, designed to identify the specifications of the product and other significant information throughout production to storage and subsequent converting. And that’s not all: the objective of the A.Celli Group, in its adoption of the Smart Factory concept, is global integration of all machines, extended to integrated end-of-line solutions for optimised storage, preparation and shipping.

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A.Celli’s R-WAY® automated warehouse solution offers unbeatable productivity and storage capacity, with a vast range of automated warehouse configuration options. A.Celli R-WAY® (in partnership with TecnoFerrari) is the answer to all applications, offering a wide range of AGVs, from pallet trucks to mini-loaders and shuttles. Each device has its own load capacity and different gripping systems, which contribute to the system’s speed, flexibility and global productivity profile, controlled by an intelligent and flexible architecture which guarantees high quality performance and more efficient logistics.



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