Considering these issues, Helios – Elio Cavagna S.r.l. – is able to propose solutions which substantially reduce this occurrence. In the pictures it’s displayed an example of manual machine modified in 2016. In the present case, it’s an old rewinder Beloit from the ‘80s with manual positioning, the cutting area has been changed in order to make it completely automatic.

This new solution allowed the customer to cut the paper at a speed of 2,000 m/min and to produce strips of 80 mm, a result obtained also thanks to the supply of independently motorized bottom knives. This type of system therefore allows you to achieve several benefits, first of all the reduction of down time since the change of blades positioning requires few minutes and can also be carried out with the material into the machine. The high positioning accuracy also avoid waste caused by web rolls out of tolerance and operators don’t waste time in adjusting knives.

Another benefit, no less important, is that the automatic positioning of the blades avoid manufacturing errors and consequently also the life of the knives increases significantly.


Rewinder Beloit to cut cardboard - Original Cutting System before the retrofit.
Rewinder Beloit to cut cardboard – Original Cutting System before the retrofit.


In recent years Helios is specializing in the modification of rewinders to increase their efficiency and their production capacity in order to meet the needs of the market.


The company is one of the leaders of flexible materials cutting segment


Leader of flexible materials cutting segment

Established in 1976, Elio Cavagna S.r.l. has always worked and served the segment of paper, converting, tissue, cardboard, fibres, rubber and aluminium, with longitudinal shear, razor blade and crush cutting systems. Today the company is based in a purpose built factory in Galgagnano near Milan.

Everything from design and manufacture to assembly and shipping takes place in house. This ensures tight controls to be maintained during the manufacturing process therefore guaranteeing excellent quality with accurate delivery times. Over the years ‘Helios’ has grown in size and now enjoys a worldwide reputation as a quality manufacturer of innovative knife units and cutting systems.

Innovative and high tech cutting systems realization is confirmed by the huge quantity of patents
(in Italy and also abroad) released to our company. Steadfast is the search of new products and technologies able to increase customers production. This can be achieved by systems that eliminate manufacturing rejects, reduce dust, increase blades’ life and shorten payout periods.

Helios systems also allow easy cut settings, fast format changes and safe working conditions thanks to patented safety guards. Nowadays the high quality and efficiency results as well as the focus on customer needs and the market understanding has led the company to be one of the leaders of flexible materials cutting segment both in Italy and around the world. With 32 years of experience in the industry and a whole host of materials slit we are sure that Helios can propose a solution to your cutting requirement.