We supply innovative robotised solutions for palletising product (toilet paper, kitchen paper, paper napkins, paper handkerchiefs, industrial paper rolls, interfolded paper towels, etc.) exiting the packaging line entering the warehouse.

“We have undertaken to never stop innovating and finding solutions that can help our customers improve their production process”, explains Alessandro Pollini, Sales and Marketing Director. “Automating the end-of-line process is an essential factor for increasing production output. It not only makes operators work better and with less fatigue, but also allows you to become more competitive and, last but not least, to offer a well-palletised product that is ready to be shipped. The company activity began back in 2005 and was since then also focused on the Tissue sector. Robotised systems were thus designed. They have proved to be the only solution for the specific requirements that the paper industry want their suppliers to fulfil.”


The new line branded SABA Automation

Robot Palletizer ZEUS SABA for industrial paper rolls.
  • Robot ZEUS. This solution guarantees ultimate speed in terms of cycles per minute, which means that it can be used for lines with a very high production output. Particular care has been paid to design of the pick-up implements both for unpacked and packed tissue products. These special grippers grasp the product without causing any kind of deformation; this drastically improves quality of palletising. The gripper is motorised with the robot’s fifth interpolated axis to ensure adequate handling of such a delicate product as is tissue paper. The size changeover system adopted is much more accurate than the typical pneumatic systems so that the gripper does not squash the product. Thanks to this system, the operator running the cell or management system can adjust which type of grip is needed and the intensity required for the incoming product by giving a simple software command to the robot. The latter thus adapts to the job to do.
  • BD14 Cartesian Robot. Compact and particularly efficient, they are the ideal solution for lines handling paper napkins, paper handkerchiefs and interfolded paper towels.
  • SABA Software. Management software and operator-industrial PC interface have been optimised to make line operation easier still and allow for better control over all end-of-line stages. This software can be interfaced with the latest management systems for data exchange, etc. The Saba Automation programme for handling different product formats is the same for both ZEUS robots and the BD14. Thanks to the combination of robot and software, Saba Automation robotised palletising systems offer more advantages in terms of cycle time reduction, adaptability to different products and elimination of downtime. Operators no longer have to deal with heavy palletising work and no longer have to perform size changeover operations since a production order can be called up and uploaded in an instant.
  • Complete end-of-line systems. To complete our end-of-line range, we offer fully automatic solutions for pallet packaging, such as pallet stretch-film wrapping machines, labelling systems and Agv.


Cartesian Robot Palletizer BD SABA for paper napkins, paper handkerchiefs and interfolded paper towels.


As always, SABA Automation will be at MIAC in Lucca. Furthermore, the doors of our premises are always open, so do not hesitate to pay us a visit.

SABA Automation supplies end-of-line solutions. By using our technology, you can handle production, reduce costs and improve logistics management