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Infinity name has become globally synonymous with quality, innovation, customer support and cost-effective, complete tissue packaging solutions.

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Infinity Machine & Engineering Corp.

In 2003 Scott Santaga, Jeffery Cogswell, Thomas Wegner and Doug Wegner founded Infinity Machine & Engineering Corp. with a simple guiding principle, to serve the customer. While a lot about Infinity has changed since 2003, the commitment to serve the customer never has. Since the beginning, Infinity has been defined by the entrepreneurial spirit of its founders. What began as a company that operated out of a 9X15 square meter facility has grown to be the premier name in automated tissue packaging. Originally, Infinity was founded as a company that would design and build poly bundlers, however plans changed when Infinity’s first order was for a casepacker. Infinity’s founders adapted to the needs of the customer and designed a casepacker that was flexible and operator friendly. The first Infinity casepacker is still in operation today, a testament to its design and build quality. Throughout its 20-year history, INFINITY has continuously pushed the boundaries of what tissue packaging machinery can be capable of. Debuting in 2005, Infinity’s signature Infusion modular system utilizes interchangeable packaging modules and a fixed, common infeed unit. This revolutionary design allows for casepacking, bundling and bagging to occur all in one place, providing unmatched flexibility for converting lines. The Infusion modular system has become a global success with systems installed across North America, Europe and Asia.

Infinity’s “patented” Infusion modular system allows for bagging, bundling and casepacking modules to be swapped in and out of a common infeed docking station.


A global vision, focused on tissue and hygiene packaging solutions

In 2010 Infinity added the talents of Italian technical specialist and sales staff with the creation of Infinity Italia. With the addition, American and Italian engineers combined their expertise to develop Infinity’s first poly wrappers. Among these wrappers was the Solo 250, a single roll wrapper capable of running production speeds of 250 rolls a minute. Since expanding the product line, nearly 200 poly wrappers have been installed, making them an iconic part of Infinity’s product mix. Infinity has not been limited to innovations in machinery; the company also responded to their customer’s desire for more environmentally conscious packaging solutions. In 2020 Infinity partnered with Little Rapids Corp. to develop and test Ecova, a 100% plastic-free paper overwrap made from recycled materials. Since the debut of Ecova, Infinity has continued to prioritize sustainability with continual investment in ecologically focused research and development.

Ecova is made from recycled materials and is 100% plastic free.
Ecova is made from recycled materials and is 100% plastic free.

With machinery installed in over 20 countries, across every continent except Antarctica, infinity has established itself as the international industry leader in automated tissue packaging machinery. From France to South Korea, Infinity customers know that Infinity means quality machinery and unparalleled customer service. To accommodate the company’s rapid growth, Infinity’s headquarters has been expanded twice since it opened in 2008. The most recent expansion, which took place in 2020, increased the size of the facility to 16,000 square meters. Infinity has also increased its staff to over 200 employees between its Italian and American operations, nearly doubling in size from the total five years ago. However, the success of Infinity cannot solely be measured in facility expansions, or employee growth, it is also measured in the pride Infinity employees have in building the best tissue packaging machinery on the planet. Infinity has undergone a multitude of changes throughout its 20-year history. However, through multiple expansions to its roster of machinery, continuous increases in international sales and breakthroughs in ecological packaging, one thing has remained constant, Infinity’s commitment to serve its customers.

Infinity’s most recent expansion has increased the size of its headquarters to 16,000 square meters.



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