Infinity to offer full line of Casepackers in Siemens platform

The Infinity line of casepackers have become an industry standard when it comes to tissue and hygiene product casepacking. Infinity casepackers have been specifically designed for tissue rolls/packs, boxed product, folded products and industrial rolls. However, for many years, Infinity casepackers have only been offered in the Rockwell platform, but that is about to change.

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Infinity offers three models of casepackers, the SLF (side load), the C10 (capable of 10 CPM), and the C15 (capable of 15 CPM). All three models are designed to automatically erect a case or tray, collate the incoming product, fill the case or tray, and discharge it onto a live roller conveyor. The advantages of an Infinity casepacker start with its simple and modular design. The C10 and C15 models have an integrated servo diverting system coupled with a dual servo flight bar system. The SLF has a pneumatic pusher arm which loads the product into the cassette. These designs ensure repeatable change-overs, ease of operation, high production efficiency, and low maintenance. The advantages of Infinity’s line of casepackers continue with their overall accessibility and small footprints. An operator can quickly access all sections of the machine and many times, is able to perform a product change-over in a matter of minutes. Lastly, by using a minimum of moving parts, an Infinity casepacker is more than capable of running 24/7. The first Infinity casepacker is still in production, 16 years later.

The perfect integration of performance and flexibility

Drone shot of Dual Rotating Cassette Casepacker.

For all these technical reasons, market demands and customers requests, Infinity is now excited to offer their full line of casepacker in Siemens. Starting in spring of 2019 Infinity began working with Siemens to convert all casepacker programs to the TIA portal and by the end of 2019 Infinity will be ready to offer a full line of Siemens casepackers to tissue producers world-wide. Infinity has also been cross training programmers and enginering to support new Siemens machines in the field. This is just the first step in offering Infinity’s patented Infusion casepacker/bundler/bagger modular system to tissue producers across the world in a new electrical platform.

The modular system is the best option for tissue producers to keep up with changing market demands. However, the news does not stop with development of a casepacker in Siemens. Infinity has also been busy in 2019 coming up with new casepacker designs. For example, Infinity now offers a dual rotating cassette casepacker, which is perfect for higher-speed industrial and facial tissue lines. The new design offers many benefits. These benefits included 25% to 50% faster speeds on two- and three-layer formats. In addition, the new design allows for better control of the product during rotation, simplified programming and a servo controlled back-stop for non-rotate configurations. This machine is also modular which means producers can easily switch to bagging and bundling depending on their orders. The dual rotating machine is available for viewing on YouTube. In addition, Infinity has also developed a dual infeed side load casepacker which is a great fit for napkin lines with two wrappers. Whether it is expanding Infinity’s casepacker offerings in the Siemens platform, designing a new casepacker or bringing the modular system to different areas of the world, Infinity is ready for whatever challenge customers send their way.

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