Infinity celebrates 15 years of building world-class packaging machines

For over 15 years, Infinity has been engineering and building packaging machines for customers around the globe.

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From its inception, Infinity was founded with an entrepreneurial spirit and the commitment that all Infinity employees act in the best interest of the customer and accept any responsibility necessary to meet the customer’s expectations.

Infinity C15 Casepacker – Capable of 15 CPM and Tray Capable.

That commitment stems from one of their main goals: to be the very best in the industry at what we do. Officially incorporated in 2004 by four partners, operating in a one-room facility, Infinity started the company with the idea of building only poly bundlers, however, that changed when Infinity received its first order, which was for a casepacker. The next order Infinity received was for a customer that had limited space but also wanted to be able to bundle product in the future. Infinity’s owners went to work and created the perfect solution for an all too common problem, the Infinity Infusion modular packaging system. The Infusion system operates by utilizing a fixed infeed section (docking station), which can be coupled with modules that are moved in and out of the docking station to give customers multiple machines in one. Cases, bags and bundles all in one machine. Since then, the Infinity Infusion System has been installed throughout the world as the original modular packaging system, giving the customers flexibility and options for their downstream packaging needs. In addition to the flexibility, the Infinity Infusion System is a time and money saver.

A complete range of tissue packaging machinery and engineering services. The perfect integration of performance and flexibility


By 2010, Infinity was growing strong, with around 30 employees. It was during this time that Infinity’s bundler began to take shape. Infinity’s bundlers are different than most on the market. They have small footprints, are simple to adjust, and robust enough for long production runs. The forming section of the Infinity bundler has a robust adjustable former with a top and bottom belt feeding system for unstable products. In addition, a code newly written in 2018, provides the machine with increased adjustability, reliability, and runnability. Whether high or medium speed is required, Infinity has the bundler for any application.

Infinity Eclipse T4 multi-pack wrapper

In 2012, Infinity released their version of multi-pack wrapper and single roll wrappers which allowed Infinity to offer every piece of equipment between the log saw and the palletizer. Infinity wrappers are the perfect combination of Italian design refinement and american ruggedness. This combination creates a machine that is the most robust wrapper on the market with internal components, such as bearings, which are 25% larger than other wrappers. Infinity’s standard multi-pack Wrapper, the Eclipse T4, features a continuous motion brush style head folding system, continuous motion low folder, along with elevator and seal bar. In addition, it has the option to wrap in paper.

In just six years, Infinity has delivered over 112 wrappers to the global market. As Infinity enters its fifteenth year, the company has no plans of slowing down. Whether it was building the first machine in a one-room facility, broadening the product line, growing the company across multiple facilities, or maintaining a company culture built around employees and customers, Infinity has become increasingly successful over the last 15 years by building premier packaging and keeping promises to our customers. From our growing wrapper product line to our patented Infusion 3.1 casepacker/bundler/bagger combination system, Infinity has everything to make the production a truly world-class operation.


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