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Indexa Company is an important player in the “services” market related to paper industry, able to provide ordinary and extraordinary maintenance services of industrial plants and to support the full erection process, from design and procurement of materials, to the assembly of machines and ancillary equipment, ending with commissioning and start-up.

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Indexa Italia 2 s.r.l.

Over the years, its targets for commercial expansion have been ambitious but selective, in terms of reputation and expertise of the Customers acquired, and this attitude produced a constant economic growth on the market. Faced with critical scenarios such as the credit crisis, the globalization and the Covid-19 pandemic, Indexa has been able to expand its presence in the market, carrying out important projects and establishing new business units. Its smart organization represents the key success factor, allowing achieving extremely competitive production results and operating on Italian, European, USA and worldwide contexts.

In 2018, Indexa decided to found a new company in the USA, INDEXA USA INC, registered in New York State and in Oklahoma State, supported by previous experiences gained in the supervision of mechanical and electrical installation activities in different States (North Carolina, California, Wisconsin, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Alabama, Nevada, Georgia). Indexa aims to export its smart organization and its own work culture to the growing USA market, in compliance with local standards and regulations, both from the technical and from the safety standpoint. Two main projects have been completed in 2019-2020:

  • Mechanical and Electrical Erection of n. 2 Tissue Paper Machines (Oklahoma).
  • Turn-key Relocation of n. 7 Converting Tissue Rolls production lines (Oklahoma).

Ensuring compliance with the deadlines, through the development of professional synergies

INDEXA carry on prefabrication and Installation of carpentry.

Italian and USA workforces have been combined in the erection phase. From Italy, the project manager and mechanical, electrical, piping and logistic managers arrived to USA, with a whole supervisors’ team of 30 units working in shifts. They directed a USA workforce composed by a safety team, various subcontractors with different technical skills, a comprehensive fleet of equipment and tools (more than 50 units) for materials handling, works at height and other special tasks, hired from different rental companies. The project workforce averaged 120 workers on site, with peaks of 250 workers in busiest period.

INDEXA USA replicates the Italian reliable and adaptive working model, coordinating a network of companies:

  • mechanical companies, for the assembly of complex structures and machinery according to manufacturers’ instructions, releasing the certification of mechanical alignment and the certification of correct installation according to all applicable rules;
  • electrical companies, for the installation of transformers, MCC and I/O cabinets, the realization of cable trays before cables lying, wiring and testing, also the pneumatic connections for air driven systems, up to the final certification according to N.E.C. standards;
  • piping companies, for the fabrication and installation of piping in the field, with part of prefabrication optimized in Italian workshops, always in accordance with A.S.M.E. codes, and any modification required in the jobsite, just in time;
  • insulation companies, for the thermal/acoustic insulation of every size/shape of equipment, with selected materials, both with hard and flexible solutions, in accordance with M.I.C.A. standards;
  • equipment rental companies, to have every tool available, everywhere and only when needed.

Indexa teams are always ready to try hard for meeting any deadline, always within the safety rules: the outstanding expertise of its leading supervisors is one of the key factors to achieve a project target. Indexa organization is facing with determination also the Covid-19 pandemic challenge, that causes many logistic limitations, thanks to its adaptive organization and the management of internal and external resources, always keeping the health of all its employees on the top of the priority list.

Today, INDEXA USA INC. is ready to face new challenges and to endorse new important projects in USA.



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