Indexa operates in the design, installation and maintenance of industrial plants

The experience, competences and skills, consolidated in almost 30 years of presence in the market make INDEXA Company a reliable partner for most of Paper mills and Paper Machine Constructors.

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The Company bases its strategy on long-term relationships with its customer, quickly responding to their technical and timing needs, offering best results in terms of efficiency maximization and short downtimes of production facilities.
Over the years, Indexa takes a comprehensive approach supporting numerous customers on their innovation projects (new investment or revamping projects) at national, European and international level, diversifying and tailoring its work.


The new direction of Indexa

Due to the high competitiveness of paper industry, Indexa focuses its efforts to optimize its performances, innovating its soft infrastructure towards a smart organization and, at the same time, extending its portfolio of services and its presence on the market.
The smart organization and the financial strength of Indexa allow to support customers with personalized projects in terms of technological and human resources taking into account the logistic requirements and local rules and standards. In this type of organization, each part of the company dynamically evolved according to the projects’ needs and the customer is an active component of the entire process. The process is flexible, fast, and result-oriented in terms of effectiveness and efficiency.
The Indexa portfolio has been improved: the effort focuses on the Engineering services area. In the last year, Indexa has integrated in its staff important technicians with a long experience and technological expertise in the paper sector. The base and detailed engineering is added to Indexa’s existing services, represented by:

  • Mechanical service: “turnkey” assembling of complete, preassembled, self or third party construction machinery and plant;
  • Piping: pre-fabrication of pipes and small pipes at the workshop or at the paper mill and piping installation (complete of related valves and instruments);
  • Electro Instrumental: design, supply and assembling of MT/BT electrical plants. Equipment and automation plants;
  • Maintenance: preventive, ordinary and emergency maintenance of machinery, plants and industrial services; maintenance engineering;
  • Carpentry: realization of small, medium and heavy carpentry for structures and buildings.

Experience, strength, ability and smart organization are the key elements of Indexa

During the last years, Indexa Company has faced a new challenge: to expand its presence in the evolving market. In 2019, it counts four business units:

  • Indexa Italia 2 Srl (Fontana Liri, Italy), established in 1987, operates in the engineering, installation, revamping and transformation and maintenance of industrial plant;
  • Indexa Engineering General Contractor’s Srl (Fontana Liri, Italy) proposes itself as general contractor for the installation and maintenance of industrial plant;
  • INDEXA Poland Sp.zo.o. (Bielsko Biała, Poland), was established with the aim of comparing, sharing and increasing business experiences and skills, in an emerging and demanding market;
  • INDEXA USA INC, the new company founded in 2018, based in New York State and also registered in Oklahoma State with the aim to operate in the U.S. market.
Indexa offers design, supply and assembling of MT/BT electrical plants, equipment and automation plants.

Future Indexa projects

2018 was a very positive year for Indexa. Its constant determination and its attitude on handling multiple projects simultaneously found its realization in the affirmation of Indexa as an important player in the paper market for the installation and revamping projects. Indexa acquired important jobs, such as complete mechanical and piping activities of two Tissue Machines in Spain (one of them included also Electrical assembly); two complete mechanical, piping and electrical assembly of two board making lines in Italy; one important project as general contractor for security paper for passport and banknotes in Italy.

Indexa would like to confirm this trend in 2019.
It has acquired one important project in Slovakia for the assembly of a board making line; another project in Italy for piping, tanks and electro-instrumental installation. In addition in U.S. it has acquired important projects for mechanical, piping and electrical assembly of two Tissue Machines and also for Converting lines.
Experience, strength, ability and smart organization are the key success factors of Indexa Company, enabling to Handle Multiple Projects Simultaneously on engineering, installation and maintenance of industrial plants.


Indexa’s technical office operates on headquarters and on site.



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