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As ply bonding of multi-ply tissue is a hot topic, it can be seen that tissue manufacturers are struggling to achieve a strong bond with a soft hand. Thanks to the precise application of liquid, WEKO offers efficient solution concepts for your multi-layer fabric with layer binding and water binding! WEKO‘s water bonding process, which uses water during embossing, helps improve ply bonding in a roll converting machine.

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Our application possibilities in tissue
Our application possibilities in tissue

The innovative company from southern Germany with 70 years of experience and close cooperation with manufacturers of additives has developed a precision system based on proven technology: the non-contact liquid application system.
This offers numerous advantages for the tissue industry. Your Benefits:

  • Free in embossing design.
  • No knurling necessary.
  • Process reliability.
  • Precision and reproducibility.
  • Less strain on the tissue.
  • High productivity and economy.
  • Raise in print quality.

The WEKO solution

Based on rotating spray discs, an even stream of the finest micro-droplets is generated at high speed in order to give the fabric its individual properties with pinpoint accuracy. The application quantity can be controlled quickly and precisely for reproducible results. The mechanical tissue strain does not come into play with the WEKO-Fluid-Application-System (WFA). There is no contact with the tissue and therefore it is handled extremely carefull. The rotation of the discs create a 360° spray circle from which a part is used that meets the tissue. The remaining part of the spray circle is kept in the chambers of the rotor carrier and is circulated to the supply unit where it is re-used. By continuous filtering the liquid, contamination of the application bath does not appear.
As a special option for this industry WEKO thought about a solution to prevent the tissue web from sticking and so breaking if the machine is being stopped.


Our encapsulated version WEKO-ProTec provides the rotor carrier with an enclosure which can be connected to an extraction system. Contamination of the working environment is avoided and thus safety generated.

WEKO, innovation with tradition

How does it work?

Ply bonding with WEKO means bonding the single tissue layers applying a defined small amount of liquid glue. The combination of several plies during embossing forms the multi-layer tissue. For WEKO`s rotor spray application water-based glue is suitable. Its fine dispersed micro droplets are distributed even and work perfect on sensitive surfaces without any material strain.


Water bonding is a booster for the ply bonding process. With three or more plies an adhesion is possible without extra knurling. Therefore the embossing design is very flexible and cost saving since no extra knurling tool is required.

By spraying a defined amount of water, the layer adhesion is massively improved, as the water increases the penetration of the before applied glue in every single layer. Also the swelling properties of the fibers allow improvements of the tissue in dimension, bulkiness and volume. Your process reliability is increasing since the system works very continuously.

Solutions for the processing of the finest structures


Stefan Käszmann, Area Sales Manager WEKO
Stefan Käszmann,
Area Sales Manager WEKO

Are you looking for a unique selling proposition for your product?

Whether handkerchiefs, toilet paper, serviettes or facial tissues, create your own touch and increase your product quality and offer added value for your range through the liquid application of additives.
Experience the “Innovation at work”. Together with an international partner, we are currently working on a pilot line where you can test your ideas outside of the running production.
Contact us for more information about the improvement of your multi-layer tissue.


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