INTERFOLDING LINES of new generation are attractive for the folded tissue producers and make the company expanding on new markets.

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It has not been many years since IM Converting entered the market, and this company is already talked about a lot. Since the beginning of its activity, IM Converting had a clear vision of what its machinery would have had to comply with, and namely:

  • Reduction of energy consumption;
  • Reduction of the use of polluting material;
  • Increase of the overall efficiency of production lines;
  • Shortening of the investment payback time.

Today we can say that the above targets have been fully reached and this open the doors of the worldwide market to IM Converting which is implementing its commercial action on several foreign markets.

The “Made in Italy” answer to global challenges

IM hug packaging line.


In the second part of the past year and in the first months of the current year, IM Converting has signed agency and collaboration agreements with well established companies and well know professionals to promote sales on markets like Middle East (Lebanon, Jordan, Kuwait, Bahrein, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE, Oman), North Africa (Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt), Spain, Portugal, Poland, Greece, South Africa and others are being discussed. The tissue producers have shown particular interest towards IM fold, the interfolding line for towels, toilet paper and facial tissues, which, thanks to a patented mechanical folding system, allows to obtain a very high overall efficiency and a perfect fold of the product; difficult to handle and high basis weight tissue are perfectly processed as well.


Folding head.
Automatic transfer- patented system.

Other very important targets reached are energy consumption approximately two thirds lower than competitors’ machines and high-level production speeds. In fact, the IM Converting technology allows the use of a vacuum generator, necessary for the paper transfer phase in the folding area, very small in terms of absorbed electrical power and its size, thus easily installed in very little space that makes it also suitable for all those companies that value space as a cost.

Thanks to the experience gained in production and to a recent investment in research and development, we have patented the evolution of the consolidated mechanical folding system. This last generation of our folding heads allows to obtain a considerable increase in production speed keeping the same low consumption. In addition, the time for production changes and set-up and maintenance operations has been considerably reduced and this increase the overall efficiency, thus leading to the already mentioned benefits.

More than 25 years of activity in the tissue converting machinery and plants industry

Mechanical folding roll - patented system.

Another very successful milestone reached by IM Converting is the IM hug folded product logs banding machine. There are by now many installations of this machine on the market, also in already existing folding lines supplied by other OEMs.

IM hug offer a more green solution by reducing the use of plastic wrapping material: it is in fact one of the very few technologies that allows to wrap / pack logs of folded products using paper instead of plastic, obtaining a truly green packaging with very high performances (Up to 22 logs / min) with use of only 5Kw electric motor. Furthermore, it can be fitted with a special unwinder of wrapping material for reels up to 1.2 m diam. which allow an only one reel change per shift; an optional accumulation systems for logs and an internally developed software, that allows the interaction between the machines of the plant by automatically adjusting the speeds, manage the accumulation and delivery to log saw of both bulk and packaged products.

IM Converting is a company that brings innovation on the market and looks to the future of tissue converting by offering increasingly efficient machines paying attention to the conservation of the environment.
Energy saving and efficiency increase achieved are the goals that drive our R&D activity, to be always prepared for new challenges.


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