IM CONVERTING: “IM FOLD PLUS” new generation of interfolding lines. Energy saving and efficency increase are the goals achieved thanks to a R&D team work

IM Converting is based in the paper district of Lucca - Italy, and it was founded by a team of engineers and skilled technicians with over 20 years of activity and knowledge in the field. It is young, but it was “Born with Experience”.

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It has not been many years since IM Converting entered the market, and this company is already talked about a lot.
The company is located in Lucca paper district, which is one of the most important realities worldwide for the production of Tissue and related machinery and services. This is how IM Converting projects were born: machinery designed and built around a fundamental idea, that is the reduction of energy consumption of the entire production line and of the use of polluting materials.

Thanks to constant and meticulous experimentation “in the field”, combined with a lean and versatile company structure, IM Converting has managed to approach this problem in a creative way, as is typical of much of Italian entrepreneurship. The result is a series of impeccably built machines, which have their own reason for being both in stand-alone mode and as part of a line. Modular machines therefore, which allow to be adapted to multiple needs, being able to be easily inserted into existing lines, thus allowing the customer to optimize the investment and to gradually manage it at will.

Folding mechanical system.

Thus was born IM fold, the interfolding line for towels, toilet paper and facial tissues, which that thanks to a patented mechanical folding system, obtained from a careful internal design and development in production, allows to obtain a very high efficiency ratio and a perfect fold of the product even for difficult to handle and high basis weight papers; further targets reached are energy consumption approximately two thirds lower than competitors’ machines and high-level production speeds.

In fact, the IM Converting technology allows the use of a vacuum generator, necessary for the paper transfer phase in the folding area, very small in terms of absorbed energy power and in size, easily installed in very little space, therefore also suitable for all those companies that value space as a cost.

Thanks to the experience gained in production and to a recent investment in research and development, we have patented the evolution of the consolidated mechanical folding system. This last generation of our folding head allows to obtain a considerable increase in production speed (as it is being demonstrated by the first tests on pilot unit) keeping the same low consumption, thus further improving the production efficiency of the line which will position our machines at the top of the market. In addition, thanks to the newly designed system, it has been possible to reduce the time for production set-up and maintenance operations, thus increasing the overall efficiency of the line.

Automatic transfer.

IM Converting, the Made in Italy answer to global challenges

Another challenge sustained by IM Converting and and a very successful milestone reached is the IM hug folded product logs wrapper. In fact, IM converting managed not to be caught unprepared, and was able to skillfully transform a problem into an interesting opportunity: offering more GREEN solutions by reducing the use of plastic wrapping material.

IM hug is an intelligent answer to the problem: it is in fact one of the very few technologies that allow you to wrap / pack logs of folded products using paper instead of plastic, obtaining a truly green packaging with very high level performance (Up to 22 logs /min) with use of only 5Kw of electricity, thus maintaining the peculiar characteristics that distinguish us in this case as well.

Furthermore, due to the continuous need for production efficiency sought by users, systems have been created aimed at increasing the non-stop working autonomy of the plants, with the use of packaging paper unwinders for reels up to 1.2m in diameter which allow a only reel change per shift, accumulation systems for logs and an internally developed software that allows the interaction between the machines of the plant by automatically adjusting the speeds, allowing to manage the accumulation and yield of both bulk and packaged products, in case of micro-stops of the plant.

So IM Converting is a company that produce innovation and looks to the future of tissue converting by offering increasingly efficient machines but with attention to the environment.

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