Heimbach keeps on improving tissue machine clothing new advanced Press Felt technology designed for tissue press applications: Atromaxx.T and Atrojet.T

The continuously developed Atrojet.T conception combines the benefits of Heimbach most advanced technology bases (ATB) multi-axial Press Felt conception Multiaxial and Non-woven.

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Atrojet.T – multi-axial tissue press felt

The multi-axial press felt conception are offering comprehensive product ranges to meet the requirements of pioneering press application. The exclusive base weave combinations of Heimbach’s multi-axial tissue press felt conception Atrojet.T and Atromaxx.T meet the specific and individual requirements such as short break in time and high nip dewatering capacity for customized well-engineered tissue press felts application.

Advantages of multi-axial and non-woven tissue press felt technology

Atrojet.T is an innovating tissue press felt conception combining the advantages of multi-axial and non-woven technology. Heimbach meet the requirements of state-of-the-art press felt positions even better. The specific value of Atrojet.T is the integrated engineered non-woven paper side layer. Fine uniformity and smooth felt surface of the none-woven layer are unique features of the Atrojet.T press felt conception. A variety of customer-specific solutions is given by the fact that the non-woven layer consists to an engineered range of top side batt solution.

Key performance indicator Atrojet.T

Uniformity from inside out

The evenness and uniformity from inside out the felt provides smooth felt surfaces through high contact area. The homogeneous and high contact area of Atrojet.T base is superior among press felt technologies. Homogeneous compact felts are important features for tissue felt application regarding even pressure transmission at the press nip which is key for even dewatering and even CD profiles of the paper web. The roll side base of Atrojet.T is made of multi-axial arranged components and are selected as per individual request concerning void volume, mechanical strength etc. and in context of the individual requirements of the position e.g. one or two nip positions respectively the latest state of the art shoe press technology for tissue machines. Tissue producers are aiming for as smooth as possible transition of process parameters during machine clothing lifetime. Atrojet.T concept offers advantages to meet the requirements of those challenging machine conditions. Thanks to the homogeneous and strong inner structure, which also contributes to high fibre batt anchorage. Atrojet.T has proven its robustness towards harsh high-pressure shower cleaning which can prevent felt clogging e.g., when changing from virgin pulp to DIP and/or producing non wet strength to wet strength grades.
Atrojet.T has been proven itself in the field to be able to take up even long- term laminar HP shower.

Binding system - Primoselect

Forming fabric technology designed for tissue machines

Heimbach have continuously optimized the Primoselect forming fabric conception in recent years. With our latest advanced Primoselect.TSF+ products Heimbach offer a tailor-made forming fabric series for tissue machines. The patented Primoselect.TSF+ single-binder concept is engineered to fulfill a wide range of demands for producing the highest tissue paper quality.

Single-binder technology – thin caliper and low void volume. The Primoselect.TSF+ concept combines the best properties of conventional SSB (sheet-support-binder) and WSB (warp-support-binder) fabrics. Its sets new standards in the ratio of open paper side area and fiber support.

No Interlayer wear – high drainage and durable performance. Primoselect single-binder technology minimizes the interlayer void volume. The binding pattern has no CD yarn crossing points, therefore giving a more compact fabric structure, leading to: high drainage area with high fiber support; thin caliper/low void volume for clean operation; no interlayer wear and excellent dimensional stability.

Offset warp system – high dry content and excellent sheet profiles. Primoselect.TSF+ is equipped with an offset warp system in machine direction giving indirect drainage paths, with the advantage being the elimination of interlayer wear and controlled initial drainage. The Primoselect. TSF+ concept enables clean machine operation, increase paper machine efficiency and improves paper quality for the best production of tissue papers. We are convinced that the latest Primoselect.TSF+ concepts will continue to grow and become the standard for many tissue machines.

Key performance indicator Primoselect

Yamabelt – shoe press belt on the advance

In the early 60’s Yamauchi started the manufacturing of the polyurethane coated products for the paper industry.
In 1983 the first shoe press belt was developed. In 2010, Yamauchi and Heimbach started the partnership of the Yamabelt shoe press belts. Two worldwide known companies combined their know-how to be able to offer the customers tailor-made synergies.

The value of shoe press belt. High sheet dryness after the press section is a key factor achieving a high machine speed and efficiency. Additionally, many paper quality parameters can be influenced by the shoe press concept and the shoe press belt technology. Most of the shoe presses are equipped nowadays with press belt having continuous grooved or interrupted grooved designs. The combination and interaction of the advanced press felt technology (Atrojet) and shoe press belt technology (Yamabelt) can be the key success factor, when the runnability and the efficiency of the paper machine are tuned to maximum efficiency.

Main specifications. Inner diameter: 1100-2020 mm; Belt width: up to 13 m; Material: advanced PUR (hardness 90 to 95º; shore A); Belt designs: individual range in the variety of groove patterns (plain, grooved, interrupted grooved & high pitch).

New Yamabelt – AIKIDO shoe press belt. The new, advanced Yamabelt AIKIDO has been designed for all kind of paper and board machines including tissue machines. A major improvement of the new AIKIDO Yamabelt is superior mechanical resilience and void volume retentions which enable an effective dewatering and a higher life. The unique groove technology guaranteeing extra smooth surfaces. Smooth surfaces do support low flow resistance and efficient dewatering by the Yamabelt to provide high sheet dryness.

Yamabelt – A wide range of grooved designs. The Yamabelt product portfolio includes a wide range of different grooved designs to apply the best possible belt design for every individual shoe press position. It is Heimbach’s aim to select the optimal belt design for your shoe press demands from the wide variety of Yamabelt groove patterns.
A high-precision manufacturing and decades of experience contribute to achieve the highest quality.


Key performance indicator Yamabelt

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