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BIM is a family owned specialty chemical company supplying the pulp and paper industry. We focus on creating more value from fewer resources to use the world’s limited resources more efficiently.


BIM in brief

Pulp and paper focus; founded in 1973; approx. 200 employees worldwide; certified according to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001; member of the UN Global Compact; Gold rated by Ecovadis; associated with the Responsible Care Program.


Your challenge, our mission

The unique knowledge of pulp, paper making and converting, makes BIM the perfect partner in developing sustainable tissue products.
The company provides a full range of chemical solutions and services to optimise performance and value. BIM has over 40 years’ experience of tissue applications. Whatever the problem, we find the solution. In 2017, a new lotion and balms plant was installed at our facility in Bolton – UK, to meet increasing customer demands. We’ve seen an increased demand for specialty lotions and balm solutions and this investment keeps us well equipped to produce higher volumes. This manufacturing flexibility makes us a reliable partner to cover all tissue making and converting solutions. Our microbiological and formulation laboratories specialize in customising and developing customer specific products in niche areas. Producing tissue with the right softness, strength and bulk is a balancing act. In today’s highly integrated but still very competitive global tissue industry, there are two important needs for a tissue maker: improved tissue quality with maintained machine productivity; better machine productivity without sacrificing quality.

Together with our customers and partners we will contribute to make life on earth more sustainable, healthy and inspiring


Paper making and converting are integrated processes – BIM connects the two

Our company was founded in fibre modification. We have a comprehensive portfolio of process chemistry including “green” machine hygiene packages, strength agents and deposit control aids. The uses of chemicals have a relatively small impact when we consider paper productions cost structure. However, they have an important part to play in the overall process from furnish to finished product in terms of their contribution. The ability to network different technologies to the benefit of machine productivity and finished product quality is a high priority for BIM as a chemical supplier. We have the knowledge and competence to understand the papermaking process and implement complimentary chemical treatments to ensure minimum interference and interaction with each other and to maximise their impact on cost efficiency and paper quality. We can deliver expertise for both papermaking and converting by our problem-solving skills, fast response, tailor made solutions and innovation approach.


Adding value and softness to tissue

In the modern consumer world, the sensory feeling of tissue is of paramount importance. Therefore, one of the most important quality factors differentiating tissue products is softness or surface feel, particularly for grades such as facial and bathroom tissue. Other functional properties with respect to the grade produced, such as absorbency and strength, are equally important and should not be sacrificed in its pursuit. An understanding of how to enhance and quantify softness is critical to ensuring these criteria are met. Softness is therefore essential for tissue products and whilst creating softness is hard enough, measuring it can be equally challenging. The perceived softness of the tissue can be controlled by fibre selection, the forming and creping section, as well as external use of chemicals to enhance quality.

Together with the chemical supplier, the tissue maker can apply an objective approach to process and product development.
Looking for your niche? BIM can support you to personalise your tissue portfolio. Our products are continually developed to provide further quality enhancement to comply with all required regulatory constraints whilst retaining all other desirable properties. We can tailor make a speciality surface application just for you.


Process optimisation – a game breaker for converters

Clean running and operational efficiency have become increasingly important in today’s competitive arena – making more of less! But no two base sheets behave in the same way. We know this and understand that the market demands differentiation. This is our specialty, so challenge us at BIM. BIM has a wide range of technologies to ensure maximum machine productivity.




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