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Since 1870 Gambini family has renewed and innovated, driven by a passion that imagined the results even before achieving them, and by a technological capability that effectively transformed the imagined results into reality.

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Carlo Berti, Sales Director Gambini
Carlo Berti, Sales Director Gambini

In 2020 Gambini turned 150: not exactly ordinary days! We know, therefore, that you certainly do not lack history; what matters to the market, however, is your future: what do you have in mind to do in the next 150 years?
Answer: Carlo Berti, Sales Director Gambini.

We started in 1870 making plows, then bicycles, river barges and motorcycle components. We have been dealing with tissue only for the last 25 years! Today we want to specialize ourselves: specialize in being the best! Our main characteristic will be to make the best converting lines in the world.

Gambini researches, designs and manufactures technologically advanced machinery and converting lines

Quite a goal, no doubt about it … Someone says, however, you’re not offering integrated solutions to your customers: why don’t you provide complete packages (converting+packaging) and leave to your customers to choose on their own?

Gambini site
Gambini site

The world is divided between those who can do one thing perfectly and those who can do multiple ones, but not all so well. Gambini knows how to make the best lines to convert tissue paper, that’s it. I guess there’s a company in the world specialized in making the best tissue packaging lines, right? Today, technology allows for any two systems to dialogue, there’s no problem in putting the best ones together. Therefore, why adopt the nudge attitude of those who think they know what’s best for the customers, imposing a full closed-box package on them? In our opinion, customers – even the smallest ones – have all the tools to make the best supply choices for themselves. Why force them in a scheme whereby, if you buy A, you must also buy B? We think it is an unfair compression of the entrepreneurial freedom of people who want to invest. We call it jailbreak policy: we crash the chains of this mental automatism, because A+B does not always return the expected result.

Gambini is keeping on envisioning the future and making it come true

Gambini site
Gambini site

Let’s talk technology, two brands of yours: AirMill and TouchMax. The market has become accustomed to your game changers, your ability to subvert the rules of the sector: what will you introduce in a short time?

We will show something that the worldwide market has been expecting from us for quite some time, so far: the world of tissue has been waiting for us for a while, we are aware of it. Let’s say it won’t be a surprise. Sure it will be something more: it will be one more benchmark for the field! This time it’s rewinders’ time. In Gambini we follow this modus operandi: make something, show it to the world and let the sector adapt to it; set the pace, beat a new road. In October we will introduce the G1: the next standard in winding. A few points guided us in designing it: ease of learning – it’s as simple as a washing machine; the quality of the winding – superior to all its competitors; it can process any kind of tissue paper, all of them at maximum efficiency; the range of products – the widest on the market, including coreless; the electronic system – state of the art; easy to clean, as well as to maintain; and then it is safe like no other, as well as environment-friendly.

Come look at it in Lucca, at our TissueHub – the Mecca of tissue, our R&D center where, on the pilot line, there is a running G1. And trust me: it is something you want to see!

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