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Introducing the new team from Green Bay, Wisconsin.

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The 2020 is not a common year, at Gambini. Beyond it being for everybody the start of a new decade – thus giving us all the opportunity to take stock of the ten years behind us and to begin imagining the ten ones ahead – it also marks this company’s foundation 150th anniversary. In 1870 Mr. Giovanni Gambini, today’s homonymous President’s
great-grandfather, established a small cutlery-making workshop in Montecarlo, close to Lucca, just feet away from the current headquarters.


Team Gambini America: from left, 1st Mr. Bart Drage; 3rd Mr. Gianni Gambini.


Though there are many ways to pay tribute to the founder and his vision, Gambini chose to make what it’s best at: picking a challenge and putting in place every effort to make it happen. The one pertaining this year is a defining one, it is a complex operation Gambini has been thinking of for years, preparing itself for a long time: tackling the US market, going to America to play in the major league of converting, instituting an all-American brand-new company.
And from 2020 Gambini America has a new headquarter, built from scratch in Green Bay, Wisconsin, to accommodate its US-based Team America. Being at the heart of one of the biggest paper districts in the world, Gambini’s people can now operate from what is considered as a strategic site for North, Central and South America. In just a few months of activity, Gambini America has already reached remarkable results, providing after-hours emergency support to its customers and bringing off 32 installations. Since its inauguration, Gambini America has been working with a team of highly competitive and skilled pros, led by Bart Drage, Managing Director, and with the unique support and knowledge of Gianni Gambini, the fifth generation of Gambinis.

Mr. Carlo Berti

Mr. Carlo Berti, Gambini’s Sales Director, likes quoting a notorious TV commercial from some years ago, featuring Clint Eastwood: the actor is seen urging the American people to take pride of themselves and get together as one. Also Team Gambini America considers itself as if they were in the locker room – the first half just over – during the halftime pause. Today, all that matters to Mr. Berti and his people is what’s ahead: the second half, about to begin! As evocative as it sounds, this ideal picture describes correctly Gambini America’s situation: an All-Star team – the best technicians in town – ready to take the pitch and get in the game.


Airmill, the best tissue rolls with less resources


Besides, the industry knows very well what Gambini’s done and keeps doing: beyond AirMill – the greatest game-changer in the converting field in years – they’ve concentrated their efforts on a new professional rewinder, with just one focus in their mind: making user-friendly and money-saving lines. Mr. Berti says they prefer thinking in terms of 10-year time spans; as we were writing at the beginning of this article, a new decade is coming, so: how would we all want our future selves to think of the Twenties, ten years from now? What do we all think the industry needs machinery-making companies – as Gambini is – to do, to change the future and not just live it? The result is the converting line of the Twenties, which consumes less energy and less raw material. As simple as that. Gambini thinks of values, rather than features; and customers know what they need, they ask for it very clearly. Just one single request: Make me as recognizable as you can! Which translates into: Let me produce something unique, that nobody else can. It’s a giant strategic leap, as no one wants to feel one among thousands. And to make customers happy, what Gambini – and its competitors – would need to do is providing that ability to their customers: no magic, just careful design and love for what they do. Gambini and Gambini America are ready; and the industry is going to hear from them!


One of Gambini’s plants, in Italy.



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