FUTURA: also enjoying strong growth in the Away-From-Home sector

The global tissue market is increasingly dominated by digitalisation and automation, aimed at better control of production processes, so it is not surprising that Futura’s Andromeda System has seen its penetration increasing significantly not only for consumer tissue but also in the AFH segment, where it is recognized as “the best performing on the market”.

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“You don’t need to take my word for it”, says Sergio Tonarelli, Chief Sales Officer at Futura. “All customers who have adopted Andromeda define it as the only system capable of adding concrete advantages and making areal difference in terms of integrated performance: namely process control, simplification, efficiency and safety.” Futura has 11 AFH lines scheduled for delivery in three different continents, North America, Europe and Africa, between 2019 and 2020, six of which are equipped with the Andromeda System. These are top of the range lines, designed to achieve the highest production performance and customized for the specific needs of the target sector, in these cases AFH, and benefiting from a constant process of seeking technological solutions to increase productivity sustainably.

One specific innovative solution, the Andromeda Integrated Robotic System, is the only one in the industry that allows total automation of the loading, unloading and splicing of reels, and therefore guarantees exceptional levels of safety and extraordinary production continuity. The system is also able to manage the cleaning of residual paper left on the core of the finished reel, by transporting it with the automatic bridge crane to the cleaning station, which automatically removes the remaining paper leaving it perfectly clean without damaging the core, then positions it in the loading/unloading platform from where it will then be moved to the warehouse. Operator intervention, once again, is completely eliminated.
In addition, Andromeda allows the automated replacement of embossing rolls and enables maintenance operations from the unwinding area up to the rewinder.

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JOI Hydro-bond.

This further example of reducing manual operations is an extra guarantee of operator safety. The Andromeda System provides a complete machine enclosure with automatic roofs, which open only when necessary. This means that even at maximum speed, the system is the quietest on the market and guarantees better dust control, as dust is confined within the protected area where it is easier to extract, and plant contamination is avoided. Futura’s AFH lines are also equipped with the new F90.B rewinder, capable of reaching a production speed of 1,000 m/min, with the highest standards of flexibility in terms of core diameter and finished product, as well as the option to specify a motorized format change system. Still on the subject of maximum performance, Futura has recently developed calendering and printing units capable of achieving production speeds to match those of the new rewinder, that is to say 1,000 m/min, ensuring top quality products in line with world market standards. As far as embossing is concerned, some Futura AFH lines are equipped with the JOI embosser, which is able to produce in any configuration (Nested/Deco, Point-to-Point, Random Point-to-Point). And thanks to the use of a steel marrying roll, lines can be used with the new “JOI Hydro-Bond” technology to bond paper plies (from 2 to 4) using only water, and no glue. This technology is also applicable to any type of paper, Conventional or Structured.

Zero Deflexion Steel marrying roll.

In addition to the conventional JOI embosser, Futura AFH line configurations can include the installation of a JOI D2 steel-rubber embossing system, developed with the “Zero Deflexion” steel roller technology combined with liquid-cooled rubber rolls. Another unique aspect of Futura’s AFH line is the “Janus” cutting system, a band saw able to guarantee the highest performance with high density products, while ensuring the maximum finished-product quality.

These are the main features of Futura’s AFH lines which explain why the company is carving out an increasingly important role in this market segment, guaranteeing its customers real competitive advantages.



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