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Coincart is one of the leading European companies in the field of second hand machinery trading for the pulp, paper, board and tissue industry. Since its foundation in 1996 the company has provided to the industry its contribution in order to give a second life to complete plants, paper machines, full lines and also to single pieces of equipment, aiding mainly European companies to recover part of their former investment when they decide to install new equipment, and at the same time assisting also companies from any other part of the world to start new productions or improve their existing ones at a considerably reduced cost.

Long lasting business relationship with the most important industrial groups around the world

The possibility to make use of second hand equipment, in general, is essential to start new business or production units, to expand existing ones with a limited investment and in any other case in which the cost of machinery is an important issue. Often saving a significant percentage of the total cost of the investment may be the difference between realising a project or renouncing to it.

Also for well established groups and companies, a ready-to-install solution can be appealing when time is essential and even if a serious overhauling is needed before installation, the time necessary to recondition used machines is much shorter than the one needed to produce a new one for a manufacturer of new machines. Finally, no sound management should look down to the chance to radically change the numbers of a business plan taking into consideration some suitable second hand opportunity!
With its record of 37 Paper, Tissue and Board Machines sold, and a big number of important sections of machines (such as complete forming sections, press sections, dryer sections, rewinders etc.), converting lines both for paper and tissue, stock preparation equipment, corrugators, etc. Coincart is a reliable partner ready to assist in any case in which a company desires to sell its old machinery or to find a good opportunity to purchase good used machines.

Full service for second hand paper machines

Coincart can also act as a reliable promoter for the sale of important lines on the world market through its global network of clients and colleagues, operating in this case as an exclusive agent for the seller. In fact, during its many years of constant presence in the market, Coincart has established long lasting business relationships with hundreds of the most important industrial groups around the world.

Actually, Coincart’s well known and always updated Internet site has become a constant focus point for companies looking for second hand equipment around the world.
However, Coincart is not only a dealer, but a partner able to provide every kind of side service concerning paper equipment and assist both customers and suppliers in any phase of the business: it can offer a wide range of services from general consulting to dismantling, from transport and reinstallation to overhauling, engineering services, personnel training, start-up assistance, paper- making and production optimization, up to 100% turn-key projects in case it is required by the customer. In order to do so, Coincart relies also on a selected group of well established and long-term partner companies and individual professionals, engineers, technicians operating in any segment of the market, able to provide any kind of the above said services, each one for its own specialised field of competence: all companies that have proved themselves capable and reliable in a constant way during many years of cooperation.

Finally, as a seal of consistently serious and correct behaviour through the years, we can say that Coincart is founding member and sole Italian member of PIDA – Paper Industry Dealers Association, an exclusive group of international dealers who have given themselves a code to behave honestly and ethically in business towards clients, suppliers, and among themselves. Therefore we’re sure that it will be worth for any operator of our industry to contact this specialised and very well established company for any need or request concerning second hand equipment. Interested readers can easily contact Coincart by email, phone or through the company’s Internet site and social networks, communicating freely in English, Spanish, French and of course Italian:,,


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