Fabio Perini introduces Pivot Solutions, the new center of excellence for the Tissue industry

All the expertise of the Business Area Körber Tissue now available for Tissue manufacturers.

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The Tissue market is in continuous evolution. The volatility of the cost of pulp and a highly competitive market open new challenges for Tissue manufacturers and converters, who need to anticipate the competitors by offering distinctive products, with short time-to-market while maintaining profitability. In order to support Tissue Manufacturers in this challenge, Fabio Perini has decided to launch Pivot Solutions, the new center of excellence for the Tissue industry, combining all the know-how of the Business Area Körber Tissue companies.
The aim is to support customers in developing new products, both roll and fold, with a turn-key solution that allows drastically reducing time-to market and investment risk.


Pivot Solutions: unlock the full potential of your business like never before

Pivot Solutions - Our Services


Pivot Solutions combines the expertise of Fabio Perini and MTC in the converting sector, the in-depth knowledge of embossing solutions of Engraving Solutions and Roll-Tec, the latest acquisition of the Körber Group, and the ability of analyzing machine and product quality data of the Pivot laboratories.

“Today Fabio Perini can support companies in the development of new products or in the upgrading of existing ones without requiring to stop the production lines”, comments Dario Giannini, Customer Product Innovation Manager. “With Pivot Solutions, our customers will be able to test new prototypes or to optimize the characteristics of their current products by producing small lots, recreating, where necessary, the conditions of production. Thanks to the data analysis carried out by the pilot line, the Fabio Perini experts, will be in condition to help customers find the best solution to their needs, by identifying the best combination of tissue paper, technology and finished product characteristics.”

Pivot Solutions is “Glocal”, as it is locally present all over Fabio Perini plants worldwide and has a global knowledge of the Tissue market thanks to its people’s experience and the interaction between the plants. Today, Pivot Solutions has five pilot lines, among which the new Constellation S6 Pilot Line and three Pivot Labs, located across GreenBay, Lucca, São Paulo, Joinville. “The first Pivot Lab was inaugurated in Lucca in 2016. Today with the local presence at our worldwide facilities, the Pivot Labs experts work every day in contact with customers to help them take informed decisions”, states Dario Giannini. “The uniqueness of Pivot Labs lies in discovering the correlations between the quality of the finished product and the setting of the line parameters in order to obtain the best product recipe, with higher efficiency while lowering costs.”


Pivot Lab – Paper measurements.


In the new center that was inaugurated in Lucca in April 2020 the first Pilot Line, with the breakthrough Constellation™ S6 4-rolls technology was installed, able to achieve a production speed up to 700m/min. This new pilot line is equipped with our most advanced technology such as Warm Up, the new embossing system with engraved steel rolls, launched last November thanks to the cooperation with Roll-Tec, SAM Caliper, the smart control system capable of measuring paper caliper before and after the embosser while the line is running at full speed, Leonardo, a lotioner station capable of finely controlling the quantity of lotion applied by means of a special anilox roll in contact with paper web, and Aquabond, the glue-free lamination system that allows use of water instead of glue to achieve ply bonding through lamination.


Pivot Lab - Lucca Headquarters.



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