High resolution cameras and comprehensive event capturing and quality inspection software not only deliver full process visibility, they also provide the opportunity to address issues at their root source, allowing overall machine efficiency (OEE) to be maximized without jeopardizing operator safety.



Full visibility into all production processes is fundamental to the overall success of any tissue operation and yet most operators are not able to answer a resounding “yes” to the following questions.

» Can tissue machine, converting line, packaging line and palletizer processes be safely observed?
» Is there a means on every machine to visually capture an unwanted process event and to find its cause?
» Is there a means of viewing uninterrupted video footage from the past 24 hours (or more) of process?
» Is there a means of identifying and eliminating poor quality product at the end of each process stage

These questions can be answered with a “yes” if a high speed and high resolution camera-based event capturing and quality inspection system bas been fully integrated into the process of operating each machine or line.

Simple visibility can be provided by any surveillance system; however, full synchronized process visibility, with automatic event and quality analysis can only be achieved through advanced event capturing, web inspection and discreet item inspection systems, such as Papertech’s set of TotalVision solutions.


High resolution camera.
High resolution camera.


The motivators that warrant an investment in such solutions are:

The need for efficient high quality production

● Excessive process interruptions – Is the tissue machine operation interrupted by frequent web breaks? Would solving the root cause of the breaks improve the plants return on assets? Web break footage can be acquired by an event capturing system through strategically located cameras-each synchronized to see the same web area to ensure rapid root cause analysis.

● Product quality problems – Are converting operations inefficient as a result of an unacceptable number of product defects in finished reels? An advanced event capturing system with web inspection capabilities can map and classify defects. Together with additional critically located cameras, the system can often show the defects’ root causes.


Eliminating converting bottlenecks

● Operate with knowledge of incoming product quality – Could knowledge of the quality of incoming product improve converting line setup and reduce process interruptions due to web defects? Could product quality be improved by running reels of lesser quality as middle plies on a multi-ply re-winder? OEE increases can be achieved via the automatic receipt of accurate reel quality maps (provided by a web inspection system on the tissue machine) at the converting line.

● Excessive process interruptions – Could process engineers, who are presented with the increased challenges of complex converting sequences, solve converting issues quicker with visual information? A typical re-winder may experience process interruptions due to faulty transfers, improper web tensioning, poor web quality, incorrect embosser setup, laminating problems, incomplete perforations, log formation issues, vibrations and log bounce and improper core insertion. An event capturing system is the only solution for capturing these events for slow motion playback and root-cause analysis.

● Ensuring a high quality end product – Can assurance be provided that end product meets the customer’s minimum requirements? Without knowledge of incoming product quality and the ability to measure quality parameters, the end product is often packaged in the “good faith” that it meets customer quality requirements. However, top tier converters have started rejecting product based on base sheet flaws and monitoring other quality factors using camera based quality inspection systems.


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Eliminating packaging and palletizing problems

● Excessive process interruptions – As on a converting line, could process engineers solve packaging issues quicker with visual information? Packaging lines and are enclosed, highspeed processes and an event capturing system provides the only alternative to capture and present issues that occur in the packaging sequence.

● Ensuring a high quality end product – Can assurance be provided that the package and placement of the product inside of the package meet the customer’s minimum requirements? Inline camera based quality inspection systems are able to see and alarm on package flaws as well as when product is incorrectly positioned inside of clear wrappers. These are just a few examples of how event capturing and quality inspection systems can meet the needs of tissue producers and converters.



An event capturing and quality inspection solution investment will typically provide the quickest payback and provide the largest return on investment under the following scenarios.

1. Rapid and efficient start up of a new tissue machine, converting or packaging line

Visibility and proof of commissioning problems will ensure that a new machine or line is up and running as fast as possible. The return-on-investment is achieved by being able to rapidly find out where process interruptions are occurring and why, as well as finding the sources of quality issues that prevent new lines from achieving desired production output on schedule.

2. Improving the performance of an existing machine

Rebuilding or re-purposing an existing machine for a change in product output and quality poses similar challenges as commissioning a new machine. Also any machine that is production-limited can often benefit from an event capturing solution that provides the ability to resolve unwanted process interruptions.

3. Eliminating poor quality

Product claims can be costly. The ability to measure and document the quality in each production phase-production, converting and packaging can shorten extensive quality investigations. Also the ability to eliminate poor quality product at its production source can provide a very large payback to any organization with quality concerns.

4. Conforming to new safety and operator training regulations-machine guarding

Many operators are faced with decreased or often completely restricted visibility of their machines as a result of newly implemented safety guarding measures. An event capturing solution can not only restore operator-machine visibility, but can also enhance it to levels otherwise unattainable.




High speed camera technology for both event capturing and quality inspection has a clear return on investment for tissue machines and converting and packaging lines. Proof of this is the rapid growth in vision based system installations by first and second tier tissue producers who see it as paramount that their assets deliver the best possible OEE.