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Fabio Perini presented at MIAC its new Customer Service 4.0 aimed at helping the customer in preserving the value of its capital asset, optimizing productive efficiency and reducing operational costs.

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In an increasingly competitive market, where brands begin to seek countermeasures to the phenomenon of off-the-shelf premiumization, and with the price of pulp steadily increasing, Fabio Perini consolidates its role of all-round business partner thanks to the new dimension of Industry 4.0. “In this sensitive situation, Fabio Perini S.p.A. – Gianfranco Agnusdei, Global Customer Service Director of Fabio Perini S.p.A. comments – wishes to offer its customers a service aimed at increasing the efficiency of their equipment, thus increasing the systems productivity and reducing operational costs”.

Based on this philosophy, Fabio Perini S.p.A. has developed Digital Tissue™, its interpretation of Industry 4.0 with all the new solutions needed to create smart factories, allowing not only maximization of the efficiency of production lines and of the overall plant, but most of all capable of making the man-machine interaction easy and intuitive, therefore increasing safety and production quality.
Smart machines’ can analyze the characteristics of the paper and of the final product and modify their own settings, so as to keep the process consistent, thus reducing the variability of the final product.

“Up to now the operator – Agnusdei continues – was the one who ‘felt’ and ‘knew’ how to correct the machine parameters during production. Today Fabio Perini S.p.A. can supply personalized solutions able to interpret parameters and correct them accordingly, thus increasing the system efficiency. The innovative technology of our lines, in addition to reducing the operational cost of converting, contributed reducing the cost of fiber per roll produced”. Until now, the Digital Tissue™ value proposition was only addressed to new installations, while today this suite of digital solutions can be implemented as well on the already installed base of all Fabio Perini customers.

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“This way, Industry 4.0 is also becoming Customer Service 4.0;- Agnusdei says – where the use and analysis of production data together with the technical know-how of the Fabio Perini personnel will allow customers to preserve over time the value of their capital asset and optimize the Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) of their production lines”. Data elaboration through different performance indicators offers the customer an immediate view on the process’ critical points. Production line data can be processed easily and intuitively through a Web Dashboard, operated directly from the Fabio Perini Customer Service Portal. Thanks to data analysis and to the expertise of the Company technicians, customers can now be offered a real Digital Audit allowing the remote detection of causes of malfunction, and the planning of the actions needed to solve them. The digital services on offer are not limited to lines and systems by Fabio Perini, but they can also be used on lines by other suppliers. Thanks to Körber Digital, the new Business Area of the Körber Group dedicated to developing digital solutions, a solution has been developed to record data from any installed base.

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Two years after the launch of WE-AREABLE – the technologic solution for remote, real-time technical assistance – MIAC 2018 is again the scene of the worldwide launch of the new WE-AREABLE, even more performing (thanks to the interaction of 3D and Augmented Reality) and ergonomic, for an optimal integration with the new digital services offered by Fabio Perini. The new Web Dashboard, Digital Audit and the new WE-AREABLE are the result of continuous exchanges of information between the customers’ production people, maintenance and production managers, and the Fabio Perini Product Managers.
This is just part of the WE-CARE solutions, which include also:

  • WE-AUDIT360, the program aimed to maximize performance, efficiency and profitability of converting and packaging lines. Highly skilled technicians carry out accurate check-up of the status of the machines through mechanical, electrical, operational and process audits.
  • WE-SUPPORT, the 24/7 Technical Service Support and Assistance delivered to customers by qualified specialists, who will detect any issue or inefficiency of converting and packaging lines.
  • WE-TRAIN and WE-eTRAIN, the theoretical and practical training programs, also available online, customized on operators’ needs and machinery used. Contents delivered through audio/video and educational supports allowing creation of learning tests to verify the operator’s level of knowledge.
  • WE-4C, the high added value solution for predictive maintenance, based on the actual condition of the equipment, with the aim to identify and address anticipated failures and allow maintenance to be planned in advance through Vibration Analysis, Mechanical and Electrical Thermography and load curve control.

To cap it all, in the Open House set up at the Fabio Perini site in Lucca, the new TIPs – Technical Improvement Program are on show on the demonstrator line: this is a set of new machinery upgrades allowing both the increase of productive efficiency and the reduction of operation costs. These solutions come as addition to the wide range of TIP solutions already available for the base installed at the customers and can be reviewed in the dedicated Customer Service Portal.


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