CPS Company looks at the future with Active Pull Technology

“Revolution is our watchword”, says Stefano Cassoli, CPS Company CEO.
“Our goal is to launch machines that improve the quality of the packaging, which improves productivity, reduces manufacturing costs and has a minimal impact on the environment. CPS confirms its mission and wants to be a precursor of novelty in terms of design process, functional, reasoned and sustainable.”

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The Active Pull Technology, the latest solution patented by CPS Company confirms the company mission statement. Perfect for secondary packaging, it produces a better quality finished product as well as a significant packaging material saving: from 10% to 20% less than traditional systems. The new CPS patent guarantees an extreme extension of the overpacking film, optimizing the stability and compactness of the product for subsequent palletizing, storage and transport phases without the need for inefficient heat/shrink tunnels. Reducing energy and material consumption ultimately means reducing manufacturing costs for the producers. Another key objective for CPS is to look at ways of increasing production efficiency without sacrificing quality, reliability and safety: it is one of the cornerstones of CPS design strategy, even on machines that guarantee high performances and high flexibility.

CPS 452 an overall view.


Anticipate customers’ expectations and needs

Already highly requested, CPS 352 and CPS 452 are the first CPS packaging machines to boast Active Pull Technology. Both are dedicated to secondary packaging: the CPS 352 is suitable for napkins, interfolded tissue and personal care products. Format dependent it can reach speeds of 30 bundles per minute.
The CPS 452 is ideal for conventional Kitchen/Bathroom & Industrial rolls for speeds up to 25 bundles per minute.

It is a fact that the Push Technology used in the bundling process is now history, developed more than 40 years ago from an idea by Paolo Cassoli and today widespread and replicated in many different applications.
CPS Company, which is located in the heart of the Bologna Packaging Valley, also stands out for its solutions for primary and end-of-line packaging of folded products, rolls, industrial rolls and products for personal care.

Our technology assures maximum efficiency
with a minimum consumption of materials and energy

“We try to propose from year to year more effective and cutting-edge systems, keen to anticipate customers’ expectations and needs. This brings us to offer machines that are compatible with all production lines of the market worldwide and able to ensure the best yield; at the same time, we are strongly committed to pursue a key objective in terms of maximum environmental sustainability”, concludes Stefano Cassoli.


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