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The paper market is a demanding, exciting and truly complex world. Technical challenges to fulfill different manufacturing needs every day.

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Over the last years the automation systems manufacturing went through several transformations: new individual or small companies were born; several bankruptcies, few acquisitions, merges and so on. The main driver of those changes is one as well as the above titled sentence: “Technical challenges to fulfill different manufacturing needs every day”.
The national and international paper and t.n.t. manufacturers had to fight – and still have to fight – against the Asiatic powerful aggression. This caused a migration to the high quality and special paper nice markets, even extremely cost sensitive.

Custom and flexible solutions for easier and quick installations: systems and friendly user interfaces for any production stage

The production of those special papers requires high technical skills and qualified workers. All in all, is based on a masterly mix of mechanic and electronic system: a mix of “power” and “accuracy”.
The automation control system is the real plus who allows any paper manufacturer to play the difference in a competitive market. Today, all of that, has a solid replay: SINERGY-SL.
Born from the association of historical and experienced system automation players, SINERGY-SL offers a complete turn-a-key solution to the customers. Engineering, Manufacturing, Commissioning of Automation controls and electrical cabinets for the paper industry and more…
A dynamic team of experts, competent and flexible, highly skilled on build new machines as well as revamping of existing solutions. A wide specialization as: MCC, PCC, DCS, QCS up to the ending-line.
Use of own drives – ONE Intelliflex Platform: ac/ac and dc/ac full digital inverters; air and liquid cooled, up to 1 MW and more with parallels – as well as most common drives available on the market like Siemens, Abb, AB etc… Am own, and open, SCADA; or PC Siemens S7 and others.
SINERGY-SL supports the customer from the very beginning of the project, the engineering, the automation, through the electrical equipment and cabinets, till the commissioning.

Since 1987 SAEL develops integrated systems and process controls solution for industrial automation

SINERGY-SL is a unique responsible company for the customer. An umbrella of expert companies who belong to.
Beside the big majors, SINERGY-SL is the only one who possesses and owns drive technology; an own system automation: the only one who can fulfil any specific need at competitive price.
SINERGY-SL is a solid face, with well known somatic: SAEL; ELETTRONICA LUCENSE and SIMI&C. Three different Companies in terms of sizes and specializations, very strong and skilled. A solid rock of this dna.


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