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CPS is based in Bologna, the heart of the Packaging Valley. Led by the Cassoli family for 3 generations, its trademark are the constant research to develop new packaging solutions and the improvement of those already existing, to meet its clients needs and to upgrade production performances and efficiency.

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In 1977 Mr. Paolo Cassoli – a pioneer in the production of packaging machines for tissue products who started working in the field in 1964 – created the first secondary packaging machine that functioned using a single polyethylene reel. This invention was what actually gave birth to the solutions implemented for the following 40 years by every producer in the field, the now widespread “Push Technology”. After many years – and the production of many machines – the company led by Paolo and Stefano Cassoli is still a pioneer in the development of packaging technologies, offering solutions for primary, secondary and end-of line packaging for folded products, rolls, industrial rolls and personal care products, thanks to its 4.0-ready machines.

Notably, those exploiting the Revolving Technology make up the third generation of machines for the primary packaging of tissue products. The technology on which they relay, on the market for years, has been improved by CPS and made fit for new and broader applications, ensuring excellent packages – of a quality impossible to obtain with conventional systems – high yield and reliability. The Italian company’s machines work with every kind of packaging material on the market – thus avoiding waste and allowing the use of pre-existent stocks – and make the need for upkeep interventions less frequent, since the mechanical stress on moving parts is reduced.

The Revolving Technology is what the CPS 800 line of machines – for the primary packaging of napkins and interfolded products – is based on. A range of 7 models of machines, able to pack products of different size, with an output going from the 40 packs per minutes of the CPS 808, the only machine able to pack napkins both in bulk (vertically) and flat (horizontally), to the 120 packs of napkins per minute of the CPS 803 – and of its counterpart CPS 803 FT, for the packaging of interfolded products.

The Revolving Technology is also used in the CPS 150 machine for the primary packaging of rolls, with an output of 150 packs per minute.
True to its calling to innovation and creation of new and better packaging solution, CPS introduced a new, patented technology, a breakthrough in the market: it’s the Pull Technology, the perfect solution for secondary packaging, which increases the quality of the packages while using from 20% to 40% less packing material than conventional methods. Machines using this technology work both with neutral and pre-printed film, providing a positive unwinding of it and creating tighter bundles without the need to use shrinking tunnels, with a great saving of energy and packaging materials, thus contributing to the safeguard of the environment.

Our mission is to build cutting-edge automatic systems for disposable paper and tissue products

The potential of this new technology is embodied in three machines: CPS 352, CPS 452 e CPS 864. All of them are perfect for the high-speed packaging of napkins, interfolded products and rolls, effectively working on products for personal care, family care and also on products for professional use. CPS offers machines for every step of the packaging process, including end-of-line and case-packing: is to this phase of the production cycle that the latest arrival of the Cassoli family – presented to international buyers during last July Open House – is dedicated: its’ the CPS 660, a top-loading case-packer with an output of 20 packs per minute, which uses an advanced robotic system and whose main feats are versatility and compatibility with production lines for every kind of products.


The new top-loading case-packer CPS 660
The new top-loading case-packer CPS 660

“What makes our machines unique is our constant drive to improvement, and the fact that they all come from a research that listens to the actual needs of the market.” So says Stefano Cassoli, CEO and Managing Director of CPS, who adds: “Our mission is to constantly search for new and better ways to meet our clients’ needs. Today, this means offering a line of machines suitable for every production line and which ensures the best possible efficiency. We’ve always been considered pioneers, and love to explore new ways and find new answers to every request of packaging producers, for tissue and no-woven products. To do this” he concludes, “we exploit the invaluable synergies with the other firm of Cassoli Group: Ecocap’s, a company holding patents for the heat-sealing of aluminium lids on cans using high-speed machines, a leader of innovation in the field. Thanks to the constant synergies and exchanges with Ecocap’s, our ideas are in constant movement, stimulated by the insights coming from the beverage market, today a very lively reality”.


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