Over the years the product has changed following the evolution of the reference sectors and the international market. Moreover, as never before in this decade, there has been real awareness on the need for environment respect and energy consumption optimization, both required throughout the entire production process. This has created the need to research in various fields, either for the transformation of production or for energy supply and water purification.

The care in the preparation of the finished product and the many years of experience in this field have allowed the Cartonificio a constant presence on the global market of the cardboard recycled in strips and reels.

The research, last years, allowed to achieve the perfect balance between the various elements in 2016. Regarding the product it is important to emphasize that the production of Sandreschi cardboard is constantly optimized and tested thanks to the strong consumption of its reference paper district, which is one of the most important districts in the world. This also allows to make and always have available a wide range of gray and white gray boards, in various weights and types, for the custumers.

The Technical staff of the Cartonificio Sandreschi responds to requests with flexibility and maximum availability. Going towards needs and rapidity in supplies is the flagship of the company. Unlike the inflexible relationship that one is obliged to have in the supplies for multinationals. Precisely to keep faith to maximum opening, the Cartonificio Sandreschi makes available to its customers, both domestic and foreign, a simple yet innovative tool: a graphical interface on its new website which, under the item “Service” gives the possibility to directly order the desired product. Filling the fields of the available form as indicated, you can request the physical and chemical characteristics of the cards, divided into three families. The items listed in the data sheets have ranges that can be modified within certain values so the costumer can decide the values needed.

After filling all the fields you just have to click “send the request” and, immediately, the Sandreschi staff will take note of the request and will reply indicating the further specifications, the necessary time for the shipment and everything else needed to bring the order to a successful conclusion.


Cartonificio Sandreschi has been working since 1863
in the papermaking sector



The Sandreschi Cartonificio is FSC certified to ensure the customers the choice of the company to marry and support the philosophy of environmental respect, social utility and sustainable economy. While creating his own product entirely from recycled material, the FSC certification was chosen for the following values: a challenge-oriented approach that the forests of the world and stakeholders have to face.

Cartonificio Sandreschi closes the production cycle with low emissions using alternative energies by returning clean water.

Since its foundation, 20 years ago, a certification system has been created to mobilize the strength of the market by offering the people a way to create a positive impact on forests and communities through their purchase decisions. Thanks to the governance model, a global dialogue has been created to define a responsible forest management; this has led to large-scale changes in the field and positive results for forests and the people depending on them. The Strategic Plan is a commitment to improve the FSC certification system and the specific strengths in new ways of accomplishing the mission. It places emphasis on the growing number of FSC certifications in tropical countries, and gives voice to those who are most affected by the indiscriminate exploitation of forests – indigenous peoples, workers, communities, women and small owners – while responding to the needs of companies that already operate according to Forest Stewardship Council standard.