Carer Forklift: the new era of material handling in paper mills is electric and compact

In recent years, the electric forklifts produced by Carer have gained a prominent position in the global material handling industry, achieving leadership in highly diversified markets, from aerospace and food to energy, logistics, automotive and the military sector. However, Carer has also been successfully operating in the paper and corrugated industry for years, developing a profound understanding of the sector’s challenges.

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In the paper industry, effective material handling is crucial to ensure process efficiency and productivity. Handling presents unique challenges that require special attention when developing tailored solutions. Firstly, paper is a fragile and moisture-sensitive material, which means that its handling requires precision and care to prevent any type of damage. Furthermore, production facilities are often characterized by tight spaces and narrow corridors, making it essential to use vehicles that can move smoothly even in limited maneuvering areas.

Optimal solutions both for standard applications and special handling needs

The challenge is further exacerbated by the storage of paper material in rolls. These rolls, typically weighing around 4 tons on average, measure approximately 1600 mm in diameter and 2500 mm in height. Additionally, a forklift capable of successfully handling them must be engineered with consideration for the clamps used to grip the rolls, potentially causing the overall dimensions to exceed the available maneuvering space. Autonomy and compactness are thus the first elements of the ideal profile for material handling in the paper industry, but we cannot overlook a third factor: emissions. A forklift operating in confined spaces and emitting large quantities of exhaust gases significantly affects the air quality in storage facilities, with the additional disadvantage of creating significant noise pollution. A fully electric-powered solution completely eliminates these hindrances, also earning favor among operators. Carer’s extensive range of vehicles is capable of meeting the diverse needs of the paper industry with various solutions.


Carer’s A 80 X.
A Carer’s vehicle lifting a heavy paper reel.


The primary commercial highlight for paper industry solutions undoubtedly lies in the A series: versatile forklifts with a wide range of load capacities and dimensions, and tire options designed to handle any type of terrain, be it indoor, outdoor or uneven surfaces. All of this is achieved without compromising load stability and user experience. A special mention goes to the A 80 X, which over the years has established itself as a true top performer in the paper industry. This model prioritizes extreme maneuverability, with a machine length at the fork front of 3,515 mm, making it shorter than competitors by at least half a meter while delivering performance equivalent to a traditional diesel machine.

With a nominal load capacity of 8 tons and a mast that allows for lifting up to 7.5 meters, the A 80 X excels in height operations, aligning with the growing trend of verticalization in paper logistics and beyond. The option to operate with a single front wheel instead of dual wheels is perfect for handling operations in cargo holds and tight spaces. The super-elastic front tire, resistant to punctures, also provides exceptionally high safety during movements inside warehouses, complying with the strictest workplace safety regulations. CARER goes beyond a mere commercial proposal: to showcase the efficiency of the A 80 X, the company is willing to offer customers a preliminary trial directly at their facilities.

This quality assurance has already been chosen by dozens of operators in the paper industry, demonstrating the efficiency and functionality of this 100% electric forklift.
The Italian company, a leader in the electric forklift sector, is always available and ready to receive inquiries and provide further information. Interested parties can contact Carer by sending an email or calling.

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