Cannon Bono Energia and Cannon Artes’ sustainable solutions for MG TEC Industry

The paper industry is one of the most energy-intensive industries in the world, accounting for a significant portion of global energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. According to the International Energy Agency (IEA), the pulp and paper industry is responsible for approximately 6% of global industrial energy use and 4% of total global energy use.

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The high energy consumption of the paper industry is due to the large amounts of steam and electricity required in the production process. Paper mills typically use a range of energy-intensive equipment, including boilers, turbines, and motors, to convert raw materials into paper products. At the same time, they require large amounts of water for various stages of the production process, including pulping, bleaching and papermaking, which can also have significant environmental and social impacts on discharge.

Compliance with environmental regulations necessitates using advanced wastewater treatment technologies to remove contaminants such as suspended cellulosic particles, BOD, COD, and chlorinated organic substances. Given these challenges, finding solutions to reduce energy consumption and improve sustainability in the paper industry is paramount. Innovative solutions, such as those developed by Cannon Group through the sister companies Cannon Artes and Cannon Bono Energia for MG TEC Industry, a Romanian paper mill, can help the industry to achieve its energy and sustainability goals while improving its bottom line.

Experts in tailored Water and Wastewater treatment plants

Cannon Artes was chosen to deal with the wastewater treatment of a paper production plant. The company provided a solution based on a double treatment step: a dissolved air flotation system (DAF) followed by a biological treatment with EmbioArt™ MBR technology, to be compliant with stringent limits for water discharge and reuse. The solution guarantees the best performance in removing pollutants from wastewater, minimizing the volume of sludge to be disposed of, optimizing operating costs, and significantly reducing overall dimensions. This represents the best choice for the paper sector, which is highly sensitive to process sustainability and attentive to continuous improvement in waste quality and water resource reuse.

Cannon Artes EmbioArtTM proprietary membrane bioreactor technology

Cannon Bono Energia provided MG TEC Industry with two smart boilers for tissue paper production processes. The boilers use an HE Smart recovery system that keeps flue gas in the stack at a low temperature, making the most of the heat generated by combustion and lowering emissions. The proprietary OptiSpark control and management system allows boilers to work with superior efficiency, resulting in less consumption and more savings for the customer. Additionally, OptiSupport provides AR remote assistance services for maintenance activities or system failures. The results of these solutions combined were impressive. Our advanced boilers and wastewater treatments have significantly reduced MG TEC industry’s energy consumption, improving the performance of its paper machines and reducing its environmental impact. Both companies offer a wide range of solutions, equipment, and services for the paper industry. Cannon Artes provides tailor-made solutions for paper mill wastewater treatment, including primary, secondary and tertiary treatments, while Cannon Bono Energia offers an extensive range of industrial boilers, including fire tubes, water tubes and heat recovery steam generators. Remote assistance services from the sister companies enable customers to receive real-time aid during routine maintenance activities or system failures.


Cannon Artes workshop in Oliveto Citra (Salerno), Southern Italy.
Cannon Bono Energia workshop in Peschiera Borromeo, Milan Italy.

Sustainable and efficient solutions for the paper industry that address wastewater treatment and energy efficiency challenges make the Cannon Group an ideal partner for companies seeking tailor-made and intelligent solutions to improve their production processes while minimizing environmental impact in the paper industry. The success of this project demonstrates the importance of collaboration and innovation in finding solutions to the complex energy and sustainability challenges facing the paper industry.

A rich portfolio of proprietary technologies, and Italian craftsmanship to meet the most challenging specifications


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