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Bonetti can boast a long experience in the supply of products for the creping application that dates back to the seventies: when it comes to its products, Bonetti is right now one of the major suppliers to the Tissue Industry worldwide.

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Over the years Bonetti has helped numerous customers improve their creping process taking a comprehensive approach spanning from the blades to the doctoring equipment, them being both part of our product portfolio. Lately Bonetti has engineered and developed a complete range of High and Low pressure showers for the tissue, paper and pulp industry. The key component of these new products is the new developed electronic linear drive BonSync (Fig. 1).



BonSync electronic drive allows the oscillation of the shower used for high pressure cleaning of wires and felts and guarantees the best possible conditioning free of streaks, improving the quality of paper and extending the life of fabrics, felts and rolls. BonSync can be set at a very low oscillating speed, allowing the use of smaller diameter nozzles while minimizing the consumption of water and energy.

Established in 1923 Bonetti has been successfully supplying the pulp and paper industry for more than 50 years

In order to guarantee a perfect cleaning at all machine speeds, an electronic control cabinet has been developed for controlling the BonSync oscillator, ensuring a precise synchronization with the speed signal of the paper machine. BonSync Operating Program can be easily changed via the friendly touchscreen display even during running. Control cabinets can be supplied to handle single or multiple oscillators.
To meet all cleaning demands of the paper machine, Bonetti offers three different shower models. Showers can be supplied with or without internal cleaning brush, with manual or automatic flushing valves and with a wide choice of nozzles (Fig. 2).

Fig. 1: BonSync


Bonetti is a worldwide leader in the supply of doctoring systems and blades. The portfolio offers a complete range of creping, coating and cleaning blades, in various materials and sizes. Focusing on the creping process, Bonetti’s offering includes both traditional steel blades in different grades and tip coated blades: MIZAR (Chrome Oxide)  and  SIRIUS (Chrome Carbide), compared to traditional carbon steel blades guarantee the superior performance requested by modern tissue machines. When compared to traditional carbon steel blades, they offer extended lifetime and greatly improve the softness of the sheet. These two blade qualities perfectly meet the demanding needs of papermakers: while MIZAR offers the longest possible lifetime, SIRIUS allows a smooth blade start-up, is not prone to chipping and can be machined with sharper angles suitable for Super Soft tissue grades. Bonetti’s specialists can supply a complete audit of the doctoring systems and the blades in use. For doctoring systems the audit includes a geometric check of the mechanical condition of the doctors. For blades, the audit includes a check of all the blades used as well as an analysis of both existing wear and of wear pattern. The technical and sales team can offer all necessary information and assist you in the implementation of your machine to keep operation running at peak performance.

Bonetti’s success has always been based on a timely response to the needs and demands of the markets it serves

Fig. 2: Shower Pipe
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