Bolzoni Auramo developed the perfect clamp for handling tissue paper rolls

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Tissue paper trends

The global Tissue Paper market is constantly evolving and presenting new avenues to stakeholders. This market is expected to grow significantly in the next years, in fact, tissue paper products, play an important role in modern life. Especially at this time in history, as they contribute to improve hygiene. Tissue evolving market has stimulated manufacturers to develop new products. To come up with the best and innovative solutions for the forest products handling, Bolzoni Auramo is closely cooperating with the paper industry worldwide.
This makes the company the most reliable partner in paper roll handling. In fact, for the lift truck operator, tissue rolls, are bulky and can be easy to damage: this is why Bolzoni Auramo, forest product handling specialist, has developed a specific clamp for this special application.

A wide range of products utilized in industrial material handling, in particular lift truck attachments, forks and lift tables

The right clamp for tissue paper rolls

Bolzoni Auramo provides the best and innovative solution to handle the rolls without damage and in an effective way.
Considering all of these important proprieties, Bolzoni Auramo, market leader in sales of paper handling tools in Europe, created a complete range of well-designed and strong tissue paper roll clamps with capacities starting from 1.500 kg up to 6.000 kg (3,000 to 13,000 lbs.) and with roll diameters up to 2.700 mm (106”) in standard series. A dedicated tissue paper roll clamp has several advantages over a standard paper roll clamp when handling tissue paper grades. Tissue clamps are always built to be able to handle large diameter rolls; they also have higher and wider contact pads to reduce surface pressure on the soft paper.

Contact pads

Bolzoni Auramo knows that contact pads are the most important part of the clamp attachment. In most normal handling situations, the pads are the only parts of the clamp that actually are in contact with the paper roll. Therefore, Bolzoni Auramo has paid special attention in designing and manufacturing contact pads, which will ensure safe and
non-damaging tissue roll handling.

We are Bolzoni, the material handling group

Designed and dedicated clamp: AR-RT tissue paper roll series

The AR-RT series clamps are designed and developed to have superior visibility, great rotating speed and to be operator-friendly.
Its main features:

  • Higher and wider contact pads to reduce surface pressure on the soft paper.
  • Rotating paper roll clamp for vertical and horizontal roll handling.
  • Arms and contact pads have smooth rounded surfaces and corners all around to reduce the possibility for the clamp damaging the roll.
  • Effective and robust 180-degree rack-and-pinion rotation system. Hydraulic cushioning in the vertical end position.
  • All hydraulic functions protected with built-in pressure relief valves.
  • Flat spot compensation.
  • Built-in pad and arm protection.

Bolzoni Auramo’s tissue paper roll clamp is engineered to suit the application needs. The new challenge for companies that want to embrace the Industry 4.0 philosophy is automation. Bolzoni Auramo invests in the development of products dedicated to Automated Guided Vehicles: even in the handling of tissue paper rolls Bolzoni Auramo designs dedicated equipment.

Worldwide support

Bolzoni Auramo operates on all continents and on all main pulp and paper manufacturing and transportation sectors. Thanks to the far-reaching service and support network, Bolzoni Auramo can assist customers with any service, rental, spare parts and service training on how to reduce damage when handling paper rolls. Bolzoni Auramo is a market leader in the production of forklift truck attachments, lift tables and forks.
The company has manufacturing plants in Italy, Germany, Finland, America and China and through its network of direct branches and independent dealers covering all continents; it is able to satisfy all market requirements. ISO 9001 Quality System certification proves Bolzoni Auramo’s commitment to continuous improvements in quality and efficiency in order to provide the best product and service support to customers worldwide.



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