BINVISION DEVICE comes from the idea of ​​supporting tissue paper manufacturers to trace the critical points on Pick-Up or Crescent former felts that generate defects on the paper sheet. Moreover, with the current and mostly future environmental and green economy regulations, no paper mill will be able to avoid to adopt a system that saves energy and economic resources and limits environmental damage, if such a system is available, as well as no paper mill can currently refrain from dealing with their discharges not only for an economic and environmental issue, but also because expressively imposed.

Right from the start, our goal has been to produce the best quality clothing for paper machines

The camcorder detects any defect on the sheet before the pope.
The camcorder detects any defect on the sheet before the pope.

The BINVISION DEVICE system consists of a number of high-definition and high-speed cameras that monitor the sheet of paper outcoming from the Yankee cylinder and before the pope.

The sheet is also illuminated in transparency to simplify the work of the cameras. Whenever a defect/hole is detected, the system generates an alarm in the control room and on the dedicated computer screen you will be able to see the systematic defect as it flows, its shape and size, its transversal and longitudinal position.

A local washing accessory can then be therefore activated and the system should be positioned exactly on the transversal band where the defect occurred and this band must be washed sucked out locally over a width of 5 cm.

If the defect disappears, all is good, otherwise a quick stop of the machine at the end of the reel should be made and the system will thus be able to identify on the felt, in a designed and accessible area for the operator, the critical point that generated the defect/hole, which is highlighted on the felts’ surface by a particular tracking projector by projecting onto the felt surface a luminous zone with a diameter of about 20 cm inside which said critical point is certainly contained.

Our inspiring philosophy is to transform the art of manufacturing felts in an exact science

The image of the critical point on the felt illuminated by the tracking projector.

The visual examination of the point will make it possible to understand what it is and which treatment will be mostly appropriate, with mechanical, chemical or water cleaning means, but still limited to the point in concern, for a very short time and in an absolutely decisive way.

The intervention time is estimated at around 5 minutes for cleaning the critical point and 10-15 minutes for the machine work stoppage. Furthermore, the synergy effect between the localized washing system and the continuous monitoring of the paper sheet, ensures prompt intervention and solution right from the beginning of any defect, even before proceeding to stop the machine. Additionally, with our system, each reel will be certified in a qualitative point of view and should there it be any type of defect, either random or systematic, this will be exactly indicated in quantity, shape, size and position.

The BINVISION DEVICE system has been developed by Binet sul Liri SpA and Vision Device Srl and the patent application is filed.


The area on the felt illuminated by the tracking projector containing the critical points.