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Azmec is projecting and producing machines that grant an excellent quality together with high performances even in very hard working conditions. Offers vacuum pumps of various dimensions to grant the customer a wide range of machines working at different levels of energy consumptions.

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The skill and the experience consolidated in almost 60 years of presence in the market (AZMEC was founded in 1960) say that AZMEC is a serious and available partner for all the companies of the paper mill industry that have to optimize the performances of their own vacuum plant, a main part of the paper machine; AZMEC is not only proposing its own solutions in new vacuum plants but allows the customers, through its overhauling service, to rebuild old pumps working for many years, to the original performances with an accurate revamping operation.

The production includes six lines of vacuum pumps, machines available to grant capacities from 150 up to 50,000 m³/h. Together with the vacuum pumps, AZMEC offers the customers all the available accessories, that’s to say the driving systems (pulleys and V-belts, gear reducers when the installed power is more than 355 kw), the discharge separators, the silencers, the pre-separation groups, the safety valves, the self-priming extraction pumps and the dampers, just to mention the main parts.

The vacuum pumps of the range AL/2000 cover a capacity interval from 150 to 12,500 m³/h; the range ALBV/2000 covers capacities from 2,000 to 7,500 m³/h and the characteristic of these pumps is to have practically two pumps in one due to the presence of a divider that creates two sections each one available to grant the 50% of the total capacity and different vacuum degrees; the same solution, but with horizontal suction nozzles, is granted from the pumps of the range ALZ/2000 that have the same range of capacities of the range AL/2000; with the size ALCZ, pumps available to work without and with the divider, the capacities reach the maximum of 50,000 m³/h; the range ALBC grants capacities from 450 up to 17,000 m³/h and the range ALB4 grants capacities from 4,500 up to 21,000 m³/h.


A complete service for the best arrangement of the vacuum plant

Vacuum pump groups ALN68 TM ATEX.

A special care is offered from AZMEC to one of the problems that is present more and more frequently: the reduction of the noise level of the machines according to the laws concerned to the environment; to get the best solution, the company offers the customers the covering of the pumps with soundproof panels available to reduce the noise level to 75 dB(A). Clearly these solutions can be applied also on machines already installed.

The proposal is not only concerned to the supply of its own machines; AZMEC is also offering the customers a complete service for the best arrangement of the vacuum plant; usually it is preparing a lay-out of the vacuum plant arranged according to space necessity and to customer installation just to optimize everything both from a technical view and a logistic view just not to have problems in case of maintenance.

Just to go inside the maintenance, AZMEC not only overhauls its own machines but also the pumps of competitors; all the pumps are sent back with the due guarantee and with the test data available to confirm the right operating; to check the eventual necessity to arrange a maintenance, AZMEC can be present with its technicians near the customer workshop to do the measures of capacity, vacuum degree and absorbed power of the vacuum pumps present in the plant. Usually, AZMEC supplies the customers a spare pump so that the production has not to be stopped during the repairing of the pump.

Azmec satisfies all the necessities of its customers arranging engineered groups complete with products and accessories of high quality, according to the technical requirements

It’s important to mention the last and very important supplies made recently by AZMEC:
A2A GENCOGAS n.1 turn key solution skid AL75/2000 with soundproof cabin (Chivasso Plant), FLSMIDTH MILANO n.3 vacuum skid AL40/2000 in AISI316 with soundproof cabin, GAPCON TISSUE n.5 ALC420Z pumps + n.1 ALC400Z (final destination Indonesia and Bolivia), TECNIMONT SPA n.3 vacuum skid ALN64/2003 totally in AISI316 with mechanical seals and API681 execution (final destination The Netherlands), ATLANTUM n.10 vacuum groups ALC420Z (final destination Belarus), ANDRITZ n.2 vacuum pumps ALC670Z and n.1 vacuum group ALC500Z (final destination Russia). The production is arranged in two workshops: Arenzano (GE) and Verderio (LC).


Vacuum pump group ALC500Z and ALC506Z.

The vacuum pumps are manufactured through the use of CNC tool machines and tested in the certified test room. AZMEC is working according to the rules ISO 9001 and its target is to offer a more and more complete service to the customers, depending to the consolidated quality of its own products and to the efficiency of its staff.


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