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Amotek plant is based in the heart of the Italian Packaging Valley and since 1977 has increased constantly the installation of its automatic packaging machines over the world reaching nowadays more than 1200 machines. 

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With more than 40 years experience, Amotek consolidated its brand becoming well known worldwide especially in the Tissue field as well as Nonwovens, and Consumer for the packaging of soft hygienic disposable products and consumer goods. The plant is located in the surroundings of Bologna and since January 1999, Amotek is part of the OPTIMA packaging group GmbH. This M&A is a good recipe that allows the union of the Italian passion and creativity for innovation together with German strategy and technical support for the opening of new markets challenges worldwide.

Amotek business is constantly growing thanks to new and consolidated customers all around, mainly located in Europe, Central & South America and in the Mena Region. They have been cleverly satisfied by giving always the maximum support pre, during and post sales proposing customized solutions for a mutual support and progress.

Amotek business is constantly growing thanks to new and consolidated customers all around


Technical pills and sustainability

Amotek offers following bagging machines solutions: kitchen and toilet rolls for low and high performance line outputs, multiple of prepacked facial tissue and interfolded towels as well as industrial toilet rolls. Amotek machines handle and manage different types of products in standing or laying orientation, in single or double layer using film in reel or premade bags in wicket. Thanks to their operation flexibility, Amotek machines may be automatically coupled to any production line or independently operating as single units. Undoubtedly, Amotek top machine in the Tissue industry is PB182 model: a bagging machine for tissue rolls offering the possibility to work in both single and double lane configuration so to have the possibility to double production capabilities in terms of packs output per minute. The last version is also capable to accept up to 6 lanes infeed of single products from the log saw, that means up to 1000 rolls per minute.

The easy and quick changeover time requested to shift from single to double lane and vice versa, is one of the main features of the whole Amotek PB182 bag fillers range. Improvements have been made at the sealing bars, introduction area and bag feeding system areas, just to mention a few. PB182 is the trustful response to the current user’s demand of high performance together with maximum versatility. Newest developed machine is the IS220-FT model, suitable to pack interfolded facial tissue and hand towels in different kind of shapes Z – W – V of folded products. It is able to manage prewrapped embossed tissues or not, products with different heights and lengths, in single or multi-layer configurations. This machine is reflecting the needs of the professional paper district. Using a specific kind of infeed system and appropriate tools the product can be turned 90° and rotated depending on customer needs, so to define where the easy opening perforation should be located on the bag. The concept is to pack single wrapped products in multipack from 3 up to 30 pcs in a bag. After this step customer can place the packed hand towels directly on the pallet avoiding to use carton boxes. The extreme flexibility in format change and presentation range gives value, innovation and new marketing positioning in the market. The machine has been developed to fulfil the different needs of end-users and thanks to this concept, market feedback is more than positive with new machines’ installed in different regions of Europe and Mena. Amotek is always more sensitive to eco-sustainability and where feasible, focus its actions to find out any possible solutions to apply to its machines.
For this purpose Amotek is using servomotors and rotor pumps with energy saving function.


IS220-FT Multi-layer unit making.
Amotek top machine model PB182.

Inside Amotek reality

The main ingredient that allowed Amotek to strengthen its position on the market is the combination of investing in young people with their ambition to face new and stimulating challenges and the long term expert employees that are guiding with their daily passion. Commitment and passion are key words of Amotek growth, as a matter of fact, walking through the assembling rooms, R&D as well as sales dept. of Amotek premises you can breathe the intensity put in promoting and building the packaging machines. Amotek is strongly convinced that there is no customer satisfaction if there is no Passion in what is done. Passion for packaging is Amotek credo and motto, so should you need a packaging machine: let Amotek pack your product with passion!



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