Today, SENNING is a medium-sized mechanical engineering company with more than 90 employees in its headquarters in Bremen, Germany. The family business is managed in the third generation. More than 85% of SENNING machines are exported worldwide.

SENNING implements customer-individual wrapping machines for napkins, facials, hand towels and non woven products as well as complete production lines for handkerchiefs with highest precision, individual format sizes and a variable performance range.

The current SENNING portfolio includes state-of-theart machinery, equipped with the latest generation of selected components from first-class suppliers, like Siemens, Schneider, etc. SENNING continuously develops its machinery for the benefit of its customers. The technical creativity of SENNING engineers as well as a great deal of feeling for the products wrapped by SENNING machines is the trademark of SENNING.


Wrapping Machines for napkins, facials, hand towels and non-woven products for all requirements

SENNING provides wrapping machines for all demands of their customers: the Wrapping Machine SE 662 delivers fully automatic, highly efficient wrapping of lunch-, dinner- and cocktail-napkins, facial tissues, hand towels and non-woven products with up to 60 packs per minute in printed or unprinted film or paper.

The SE 662 with its clean design satisfies customers’ demand regarding availability and productivity. In case a higher performance is required, the Wrapping Machine SE 660 is available, for extremely flexible, fully automatic, high performance wrapping of lunch-, dinner- and cocktail-napkins, facial tissues, hand towels and non-woven products with up to 100 packs per minute in printed or unprinted film or paper.


Wrapping Machine SE 662.
Wrapping Machine SE 662.


The robust SE 660 satisfies the most demanding requirements regarding flexibility, reliability and efficiency. For wrapping single and multiple stacks in printed or unprinted film or paper, SENNING provides the types SE 662 D or SE 660 D, depending on the output. For each wrapping machine, SENNING provides a wide range of options, such as labeler, thermo-transfer printer or cardboard feeding system.

Wrapping Machine SE 660.
Wrapping Machine SE 660.


There are further options, e.g. regarding the film perforation – SENNING customers can choose between standard perforation and different forms of special perforations.


High-performance Handkerchief Lines from a single source

Currently, SENNING presents the new generation of fully automatic handkerchief lines Made in Germany. The latest development by SENNING – the Handkerchief line, consisting of Production Machine S.PM 820, Labeller DPS 4.2 or Taping Machine SGT 2.1 and Bundling Machine 660 TG, provides handkerchiefs at a high performance level and with the highest flexibility as well.

SENNING guarantees the handling of tissue with 2 to 4 plies. The line produces single packs with 5 to 15 tissues per pack – standard and/or compact – as well as bundles starting from 2 up to 96 single packs, with up to 6 layers. With this line, SENNING is setting a further state-of-the-art standard. The guaranteed maximum production speed of the line is 8.000 tissues, 850 single packs and 100 bundles per minute.

In case a smaller output is sufficient, the Handkerchief Line S.PM 805 with integrated labeller or taping unit and the Bundling Machines 662 TG or 660 TG-70, with a maximum guaranteed production speed of 4.000 tissues, 450 single packs and 75 handkerchief bundles per minute is available.

Both lines provide optimum access and are very user-friendly. The operating panel is equipped with nonverbal pictograms which are intuitively understandable. Only one operator is necessary for the whole line. Another interesting function is the change of counts per single pack by push button, without any further mechanical adjustments and without any exchange of parts. Moreover, the tissue stacks are conveyed by pushers in a controlled way, so that the stacks are not compressed during transportation through the line and thus, the stack volume remains unchanged.

The complete line is operated by an integrative electrical system. Apart from that, the low need of wear parts is worth mentioning. For each machine, a variety of options is available, such as special perforations of film, appliance of lotion, perfume units, double embossing station, different embossing systems, labelling or taping for reclosable packs and for handkerchief bundles, auto splicing units for film and tissue, and many more. Together with its customers, SENNING develops specific solutions for all requirements concerning machinery, technical applications or product wrapping.


SENNING offers complete solutions from one source, which stand for reliable and innovative German technology


In 2017, another high-performance Handkerchief Line S.PM 805 + 662 TG has been commissioned at a German customers, a well-known producer of tissue products. SENNING implemented special technical solutions, tailored to the customer’s requirements of machine handling and production.

With the Handkerchief Lines S.PM 805 + 662 TG and S.PM 820 + DPS 4.2 or SGT 2.1 + 660 TG, SENNING offers complete solutions from one source, which stand for reliable and innovative German technology.


Aftersales Service

After having purchased a SENNING wrapping machine or line, the customers benefit from a comprehensive aftersales service worldwide. Highly qualified technicians and fitters are available for all SENNING customers for several services globally, like maintenance and repair, performance increases, machine overhaul and upgrades.

This ensures that a contact person knowing SENNING machines very well is available at customers’ site in case of need. Based on an inspection, SENNING offers an overhaul of machine components to considerably increase the efficiency of the machine. Moreover, special “upgrade-kits” for several machines are available.

To ensure a continuous and trouble-free production on the highest performance level, SENNING supplies several services in order to reduce considerably the risk of production failure and the probability of an unexpected production downtime. Moreover, SENNING provides on-site training courses for machine operators.