A reliable partner for paper producers and paper machine constructors

Since 1987, Indexa is a reliable partner for paper machine constructors and paper mills for the erection and maintenance services of production plants and industrial machinery. Its aim is to maximize the efficiency of companies production facilities, reducing risks and time needed for erections always assuring the highest quality standards.

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Indexa Italia 2 s.r.l.

People are the key to Indexa’s success. In fact, Indexa’s team is known throughout the world for being able to perform short and long-term projects in a timely and cost-effective manner, without sacrificing quality, safety or expertise.
Flexibility, coordination and problem solving are further strengths that enable the achievement of customer’s expectations.
These are some of the reasons why, over the past 35 years, Indexa has become one of the international leading companies in the Paper Sector erections.
A special focus is given to Converting and Revamping of paper and tissue machines as these represent an important area for the Indexa’s business, in particular:

  • Turn key installation of new converting machines and production lines.
  • Turn key Transfer of converting lines both on the same site both site to site.
  • Upgrade and maintenance of converting production lines.

As partner of paper machine constructors and paper mills, Indexa carries out several activities from engineering to turn-key plant and in particular:

  • Base and detailed engineering for new facilities.
  • Revamping and components remanufacturing for existing facilities.
  • Disassembly (marking, packaging and documentation) of mechanical, electro-instrumental and piping plants.
  • Erection (engineering, installation and assembly) of mechanical, electro-instrumental and piping plants.
  • Fabrication and metal structures.
  • Mechanical, electrical and piping supervision.
  • Surveys and alignments.
Mechanical machinery levelling and alignment
Valves maintenance service of piping plants

Our aim is matching customers’ needs moving their expectation forward, through the excellent quality performance of specialized people, working in a safe manner and equipped with the best tools and trainings. Safety is embedded in our culture and maintaining a safe working environment for all our employees is one of our primary goals. In addition to having dedicated Safety Professionals on all our projects, all our field supervisors are safety trained and receive constant updates as we know that higher levels of supervision ensure better safety, more efficient teamwork and successful projects.

Experience, strength, ability and smart organization are the key elements of Indexa

Since a while, Indexa has expanded its goals and has been involved in challenging projects, in terms of complexity of activities, time of delivery and required skills.

Thanks to the expansion of the company through localised Branches in Europe and the USA, we can ensure our activities throughout the world. Furthermore, in order to be closer to its customers and to the environment, Indexa is investing in additional Warehouse and workshops to guarantee the best results and has adapted machinery equipment towards green technologies.

Pulling from over 35 years of experience, hundreds of projects and our highly skilled team, we approach each day with a lean thinking mindset of how we can continually evolve our processes to further increase value for our clients.

Electro-instrumental installation and cable connection of MV/LV plants



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